Friday, June 7, 2019

Getting one last ride at Bloomer

Off for almost 2 weeks but late moist ride at Bloomer mostly damp with some grease and peanut butter.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sunday at PLSA got to get out before the rain!

John and I looping into a storm cell and catching some mud and water on the final mile. Wet but fun and a quick hour ride.

Metro Memorial riding storms out.

Crazy up and down mostly west 10-30mph. Got to try the new OR Smoothy which lives up to its name. Not a lot of riding as the rains came through and the wind went full west. Barely worthy of drive but count it.

Thursday at HI Delivers 7m

Woo. Nice sunny and windy day at the flooded rigging circle. WSW to W 20-30+ and about 20 people out. Got on water at 2pm and by 3 it was time for the 7. Watch died but got about 4 hours on water about half on the Duke with some great swell. Water was freezing but wetsuit still worked. Great dinner at the schoolhouse to get home by 10:15!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Metro late and I own the east beach

Great waves with waters high. Just insane big tall curling swell makes MB all new again! 9m and up high winds South 20-30 and after trying out the new launch it was off to the beach and some great wave slashing. Tornado sirens ended things sooner than planned but still a good session in the waves. Can't wait to see a 7m day strapped on the Jester brings!

Late dry out in the always reliable PLRA

Morning rain still means afternoon loop at Pontiac. Hard and mostly all dry at 12psi. Phat and phast.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bloomer Sunday Bloomer

Mostly dry and still fast after 2 days of rain before. Thank goodness this great trail is so close. Perfect blend of tech, turns and up/down. Next time maybe twice around.

Monday, May 6, 2019

DTE in its prime already.

Woo let's flow DTE backwards on a Sunday. 71 degrees hot, dry fast trail and add 100+ riders. Great flow and speed hitting 25+ on the downhills. Long ride but never slow even the uphills and don't miss the orange trailhead cut across! Next time I park at the second lot...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

It didn’t look windy at all but it was 7 m at Lex

I just got home from Belle River at 10:30 night before and I am back in Lexington 100 miles north by 9 AM on Saturday. Decided to rig the 7 meter kite even though it look like nothing as far as the waves went. It was just Keith and I and he decided to rig a nine. Super windy on the outside and easily could've pulled back out the 5m! Really a fun time with just the two of us out ripping along the break wall on a dead north blowing 25 to 40. Just bombed I had to use the Mako the whole time and didn't really get the surfboard out other than the first 10 minutes. Maybe I need to get that strapped Jester now? Fine until the rain started at 12:30 and we packed it up for an early day of finishing off the gale from the night before.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Belle River went BIG - so I went small! 5m Rocks!

It was a good Friday starting out on a 7 m with 30 to 35 mile an hour north winds. By the time Marc showed up at 4 PM it was time for the 5 m Slash. No way on the surfboard with the waves and the backwash. But plenty of mako carving and slashing right along the pier in front of the crowds piled in their cars. Wind pick up to 40 by 5 o'clock And I go ahead and rig the smallest Kite I've got. Many lessons learned with a 5 m kite including the fact that you need to use 24 m lines and realize that the Kait has very little pulling power to get you out of the water but tons once you're up and planning. Yes you've got to work the kite little bit in the lulls but it takes away all the nuclear gusts and it's super easy to control with the long lines in fact I think even 27 m lines would be better. Of course the only bad part of the day was finding that Mark had his kite up in the tree. Dinner at Spago's in South Windsor was the capper for a long day and night in Canada! I can't wait to come back in a big north again with the strap surfboard.