Thursday, May 24, 2018

Damp and Nice - let’s do Ponto Twice!

So good at 57 degrees and 80+% humidity for a Sunday ride at PLRA. Slightly damp and greasy but great rolling and climbing I did it twice. 19 Miles in 2 hours. Ready for Marquette next.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

15 years later and it’s back to Sterling for Shorebreak Wars!

Tough launch and ugly shorebreak right next to the trees. Directly onshore east winds and 20 kiters all jammed up right in front of the launch area. 9m was the call 1/2 time underpowered and other times about right. 12 probably too much to start. 20-30 E was gusty at times but real story was waves - huge tall and tight. Couple of 10 footers and one or two rides all the way in when they cleaned up spread out and were classic - too bad that didn't last long. Twintip the whole time but I wanted the Duke however getting out would have been really hard. Good argument to buy a Jester and strap it up! The day was 25 miles and almost 4 hours trying to make up for missing LEX yesterday - one thing for sure it will be 15 years before I'm back here on a dead east.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No 1” thorn in my tire gonna slow me down. Stan’s!

Literally five minutes into my late 7pm ride tonight and I pick up a 1 inch long huge nail size thorn in the rear back tire. I immediately pull it out and Stan's and pressurized air burst out everywhere. I jump back on the bike and begin to ride in the mud and as quickly as I can tire and the tire seals! Stan's is the absolute greatest tire sealant you can buy worth every penny. Another great all right with a little bit of mud tonight since it rained yesterday. About 70° and a couple of trees down on the trail mostly hero dirt. Great ride - beats changing a tire inner tube! Tubeless with Stan's Rocks.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Solid Fat and Dry at Bloomer

Great night for a bike ride. Didn't get on the single track until 630 but it was still 75° with hero dirt. One Quick loop in less than an hour and I can't wait to head back here again on a night like tonight.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Twofer Sunday as the rain passes

Couldn't make the kite day north so got in Marbury and HickGlen. Looked sketchy on drive out through tons of rain to the east but just past 275 it was clear and hadn't rained. Dry and other than stopping 4 times to pump the front tire - 2 great rides. Figured out leaking at the values got to tighten those more!!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Forecast is 50! It happens but not in time for the 5m!?

8am no one but me sun and 64 degrees and it's 10-15 south with no caps... 9am it's 20 SSW waves building, and I rig the 9m. 10:15am it's 20-30 SW 3-4' waves rolling, I rig the 7m and the new 5 Slash. I take out the 7 but should have taken out the 5m!!! On the Duke but should have done the Mako too. Really crazy wind and chop and swell. Winds SW 35g50 but 11:30 now and work beckons and too late to try it. Tough but fun half day with some of the biggest waves ever right there in the metro cove.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kiting on a Crazy South Metro Day

I don’t think it’s ever been this crazy here. The warm air in 80s with 45 degree water created a crazy dooming yesterday. I don’t think anyone liked it. Maybe good for jumping but the hi/lo spread on the chart says it all - inconsistency! Couple times almost yanked off the Duke to sitting in water for 5 minutes with kite barely flying...then 5 minutes later 10 inches of depower!!! Great big group out all day 50+ of the regulars and even a guest visit from the Rustooster. Lastly met with Park people and they are positive on getting new entry done this year! 

Oh yeah Highland was excellent and tubeless rules!

Sunday Highland Sunday! So good dry fast and the tubeless held perfectly. I don't know how this ride is only 11.2 (16.7 Miles is what the skis guns say!) miles and it takes two hours to do but I think I finally got a ride in here where I didn't kill me. The singletrack has everything one could want in a real challenging trail. Can't wait to go back on a sunny day where there's no leaves and the sun is everywhere inside the trail set.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tree Farming on the new tubeless shop wrap!

Woo... sealed and rode after blowing hole in back tire rim hole while pumping up for harder pressures. 1/2 bottle of Stan's is amazing withe the shrink wrap. 60's and bone dry ride at Novi. Spring - bring it on.