Monday, September 17, 2018

Hotty Ponto late Saturday

Quick and fast but god awful hot on Saturday after 3pm. 90 and sunny. Dusty and little slippery but big tires make any line possible.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Waves and winds pickup nicely for Lex Day 2

20-25 dead east all Day with Sun and winds kicking in after 1pm even fuller. Ran 7m to start but then switched up to 9m with 18m short lines. Kite turned so fast I must have dropped into water 6-7 times (most ever). Waves with incredible. Clean curling spaced out inside beach launch. Special wave day for sure with my best bottom and off the lip turns to date. Also my best day of riding on top of cresting waves and staying on them all the way into shore. 1 or 2 8 foot beauties that I dropped in on we're crazy fast down the face. Gotta remember to move back more when things get that quick big and powered up. 20+ out to ride by 3pm when best conditions hit. Duke was great again in turning and carving. Some drone stuff earlier when I was on a break. 50+ Miles in over 4 hours today!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Lex is on 9m with dead east and just not quite enough for the whole day.

Saturday 6am Picked LEX over Lynn/Pin and Caseville north coast. Maybe not best choice as classic 9m winds worked from 8-11am but slowly faded into 12m by noon and it was over by 2. 20-25mph started great for an east wind and there was just enough with the Duke and 9 Pivot. Good clean wave action and loads of down the line riding. Love the Duke setup getting almost 40 miles in 3+hours.

Monday, September 3, 2018

GranHa great potential but we need more wind.

Sunday of 4 day weekend got out in light 10-15 winds with 14m and Duke and made it work but it was light. Count it anyway. Sun and 80. Love this. Beach Town. I will be back.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Big Saturday on the 9 at Metro

Almost 4 hours and 50 miles on the water today. Great Day I needed badly and thankfully close by on a Saturday. Huge numbers on water and at beach but crowds aside really fun long Day mostly on the Mako. Started on 12 but quickly down to the 9 which worked well from 9 until 4pm. SSW 15-25+ all day with a rain from 10-11 following the USCG racing out to me to warn of lightning in area. I went quickly but 2 hours later the sun was back for a while. At 2pm got an hour in on the Duke which was great but the weeds made it a necessary switch back to the TT. Lots of happy people and finally some winds with gusto. This should hold me until Grand Hav next weekend and the annual West Mi new adventures tour.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Holly Saturday Elbow Burning.

Great ride up until the final three turns before the trail head and boom down you go into the sand. And the great G form elbow pad slides up and literally does nothing to protect your arm. Pissed about that and why bother even wearing padded protection. Great fast ride overall with the ground rock hard even after two days of rain. Sun and 75 with perfect 10psi smoothing out the ride.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

LTB Sun is Another day - another Thermal.

Woo, 3rd day and down to 12m with quick pop to 20's with a lot of SW in it. Weird as everything said NW but on water it was WSW. Even gave Avery a ride between my legs on the Duke. A little hotter today started it early and then quickly closed it before 4 but then it picked back up?... great Day again with short run on the Mako too but the Duke still rules the day.

Big 2 sport Wednesday was classic.

Early 2 hour MTB at Highlander doing the new trails and course set for race. 70 degrees and sun was dry perfect for singletracking and bombing the DH sections getting setup to sail in the afternoon....

Over to Petoskey SP and it's firing 18-22 by 2:30 so the 14 is the call for some mostly overpowered fun in the swells right in front of the park. 12 would have been perfect but the 14 was juiced all day. Some great heel side swell cuts and across the line fun headed back from Harbor Cove. Water and wind temps both at 75 with full sun powering the thermal until almost 6pm. Great 2 sport day.

Tuesday LTB delivers finally thermally excellent

Well clouds and rain closed chance to sail on Sunday and Monday here in Petoskey although it ripped in Frankfort after a nothing day we spent there on Saturday. 14m and Duke worked well sailed up into HS and Romona Park and mostly in the bay center where all the winds were. Sun and 78 degrees worked between 2-5pm. Missed some of the session as a forgot to turn on Strava again!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Brighton on Summer Saturday

Fun afternoon for over 17 Miles in 2+ hours with a down be in the lake to finish. 80 degrees and dry fast flow. Worth the long drive! Torn shirt gets better everyday.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Saturday early AM back for more SE

2 more sessions on the 12 pivot and same repeat of 15-20 S-SE with rain drizzle through the whole morning. Just Tom and I out early and by 11am it was drifting to not sailable. Good to get up and get out for back to back days. Like the temps today too in the 70s'.

Friday and it’s On at Metro with a SE breeze

Ok Friday it's SE and 15-20 with a 12m working after 3pm for a good couple of hours. 4 sessions and lots of smiles. Still SE here even when powered is never great or anything to get upset about missing.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Saturday we go to Pontiac to sweat it out!

Fast and dry follow up at Ponto to River Bends last night. Another 10.3 with tires a little soft - dust bowl fun requiring a bike shower after. Sun and 88 degrees. Still fun being all fat.

It’s Friday night - let’s ride the Bender

2 hot loops at RB which was dry and fast - PR fast. 10.6 miles at 7pm with 90 degrees.

Monday, July 9, 2018