Monday, May 29, 2017

Caseville - worthy of drive.

70's and Sun plus 35 kiters all up for Memorable Memorial Kitefest. Starting on the 12 with 15-20 out of the SSW quickly became 20+ WSW and moving to the 9m with a small hole on the tip of the 12 when it buckled and the bridle wrapped on the wingtip. Great wave and swell and plenty of fun. Off the glassy breakwall. Plus Dan in town for a day gun by me a chance to test the new North Whip 5'5" CSC. Great MPD shape that is huge in volume. Turned great and hg ad tons of top end speed. Loved to try the smaller ones! On water at 11:30 off at 5:30 with final 3+ hours on the 9m and final hour on Mako. Great day with big crew on water. Worthy of the long drive.