Monday, September 4, 2017

South Haven top spot for wind and waves! Labor Day Wave Fun!

What a great Labor Day and sailing spot. Arriving by 9:30 to 20-25 side on SSW winds and nearly 50 kiters doesn't get any better. Woo, huge curling 4-7' waves and perfect direction. 9m and strapless with a pretty tough shorebreak but after a slow start it was fun to challenge myself riding all the way in to pick and plow my way out. A couple 3-4' rushing white waters and 6' curling waves but I got through 90% of them. 9 worked perfectly  up until wind dropped at 2. Crowds were only challenge to riding more in impact zone. Lots of guys riding twin tips and fearlessly airing it out in the main riding zone. But still highlights were riding a couple 10' bombers super close to breakwall. Clean glassy waves  on this direction made it super good. Loved the steep faces to cut back on and really was loving it when sun spread light in the wind blown faces. All in all one of the best days and a must do next season. Boring relives below unless your into the same old big waves repeatedly ramping up, curling for you and driving you into shore. 

Big 6+' waves where I'm buried at beginning of video....