Monday, October 9, 2017

Its Gales and WS 5.4 --> 4.2 at Marysville after 3 year Hiatus!

Lots of changes to this site but one thing remains the same this place is awesome on a dead Southwind with Sun and a forecast calls for gales when is the day strengthens. Hell - there a hige fishing dock right in front of the launch now!!  Awesome group up at Marysville today starting with Jeff Craig and Jeannie Brian Keith and loads of others from Canada and a far. The day was mostly all windsurfing and really awesome starting on the 5.4 quickly moving to the 4.2 for a total of almost 3 1/2 hours. The last half hour on the 9 m kite was too gusty and bucking so after a half hour that was enough. You cannot beat a sunny south day on October 7 with temperatures in the 80s and winds 20 to 35 from the dead south and Marysville. Awesome group dinner at Harson’s Island brewery watching the Michigan v. Michigan State football game ending with a green/white victory! What a great day overall!

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