Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Sept. 27, at Stony - MTB not sailing

Nice ride at Stony Creek this weekend and had a nice ride 20.1 miles in 2 hours with 2 loops of the "roller coaster". I'm pissed though, as I forgot they just opened a new skills park there across from Eastwood beach and I totally forgot it was open now and missed hitting it. Check out link with video the park looks awesome. I'm going back this weekend.

A little sailing history here - this is a the site at Stony Creek that I first learned to windsurf at about 30 years ago... good old Great Lakes Sailboards (696/Woodward in Royal Oak - believe it on not) gave lessons on weekends while selling Dufour, Pacific and HiFly back in the day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday Sept. 20, Pontiac and thankfully dry

After a wet washout weekend last week - JAB and I got sun, humidity and 75 degrees at Pontiac Lake State Park. Good pace: 10.77 miles in 1:07 were the numbers and it was pretty fast and mud free. Ironman JAB ran it twice!

Ok already - this is supposed to be a windsurfing blog right? its been over a month since we had a good blow around here...where's the wind? Hello fall and we got maybe 2 1/2 months before its over and we start to snowboard.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sat. Sept. 6th Island Lake MTB riding

Beautiful day 75 and pure sun for a 15.88 mile ride in 1:28 with Brent. Top it all off with a RC Waterplane show at Kent Lake there.... Great park and easy ride.

Friday Sept. 5th, Metro fails to hold up

Not even worth a post today at Metro - 4.5M until about 10am but it never lasted - SW winds 25-35+ died to W15 after noon...sailed a 5.7M and the JP 85 FSW until it switched to full west. Damn I wanted a full day...