Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, Aug. 14, Back in the Saddle at Tree Farm

Back on the bike at Tree Farm in Novi for 14.02 miles in 1:15 time. Good ride, bone dry and fast except that I bent the derailleur on the bike pretty bad. The Specialized Enduro SL suspension is still running awesome soaking up everything you hit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday Aug. 10, Welcome to the Blue Lagoon

Dark skies but loaded with W-WNW wind...

Tom getting the most out of his 5M edge

Flatwater jibes on the inside all day long

Watch for boaters to the west of the launch

Brent on JB's gear making it work

Gear ready to go...

First time to the Blue Lagoon this past Sunday for 20+ winds and its a great site for W to NW winds on Anchor Bay. Site has $25 pass to buy but Dave (owner) says the gate will be open in to the late fall. Some grass areas to rig, alot of parking, and a nice ramp to the water for launching. Winds were 5.5m most of the day and at 3pm hit the 25+ 4.5M range for awhile. Plenty of room to sail and kite but watchout for power boaters racing into the nearby marina bouy channel.

Winds: W-WNW 20-30 all afternoon

Gear: JP 85 FSW, 104 Fanatic FreeMove, 86 Fanatic FreeMove, 103 RRD FSW (thanks Brent for the test hulls). Sails: NP 5.7M Expression and 5M NP Search

There: Everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday Aug. 8, A great day of playing in the waves at KP!

Lets get out there!

Millard - the cameraman and ace forecaster

Bridge view heading back over Blue Water

KP - Afternoon rush hour

HD Video of the highlights...

Great day of sailing with about 30 kiters and boarders at Kettle Point this Friday. I made the 6AM drive commitment and had the waves and wind to myself for the first 40 minutes after hitting the water at 8:30AM sailing into the early afternoon. Solid 5M all day and sun with nice 3-8 ft. swell - even bigger way on the outside bowl. Couldn't have been better: about 70 degrees and NW 20k+ and enough sun to light up the aqua blue waves. Check out the video - this place usually only goes off in the spring and fall.

Gear: JP 85 FSW and 5M NP search.

Thanks: Millard (great call on the wind early on and HD video)

Eats: Tim Hortons

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sat, Aug. 2nd, All Hail Two Sport Day !

Escoda Bouy says it all: steady North

Great Saturday for those who got out to chase it. Sport 1: It started at 11AM with JB at Pontiac Lake for a 10.54 MTB mile ride we cruised in 1:02. Beautiful day and dry fast riding as the wind was noticeably picking up...

Sport 2: Flash forward to 1 PM - ride over and winds are blowing at Lexington N 15-20+ and lifting. Two hour drive later (well worth it) at 3PM we're smiling and sailing 5.5-6.1 powered on the small 85ltr hulls. Great North coast breeze blew with some good 3-5' swell until just about 7pm peak winds actually hitting 20K at times. Some jumps, lots of jibes and waves to ride and the water temps were perfect 70-71 degrees - shorts and a rash guard we're all the were needed. Apres': smiles beer, alleve and my thanks since I hadn't sailed since 7/1!

Those lucky few: Millard (great forecasting call!), Craig, Brent, John

Gear: 85 JP FSW, 105 XCite (for 1 run), and NP 6.1 Expression

Tunes: Mae - Singularity, The Send - Cosmos, Dizmas - Tension