Monday, August 4, 2008

Sat, Aug. 2nd, All Hail Two Sport Day !

Escoda Bouy says it all: steady North

Great Saturday for those who got out to chase it. Sport 1: It started at 11AM with JB at Pontiac Lake for a 10.54 MTB mile ride we cruised in 1:02. Beautiful day and dry fast riding as the wind was noticeably picking up...

Sport 2: Flash forward to 1 PM - ride over and winds are blowing at Lexington N 15-20+ and lifting. Two hour drive later (well worth it) at 3PM we're smiling and sailing 5.5-6.1 powered on the small 85ltr hulls. Great North coast breeze blew with some good 3-5' swell until just about 7pm peak winds actually hitting 20K at times. Some jumps, lots of jibes and waves to ride and the water temps were perfect 70-71 degrees - shorts and a rash guard we're all the were needed. Apres': smiles beer, alleve and my thanks since I hadn't sailed since 7/1!

Those lucky few: Millard (great forecasting call!), Craig, Brent, John

Gear: 85 JP FSW, 105 XCite (for 1 run), and NP 6.1 Expression

Tunes: Mae - Singularity, The Send - Cosmos, Dizmas - Tension