Sunday, September 28, 2014

Demo dazed at Bloomer Friday evening.

2:23 hrs and 21.3 miles to ride to Bloomer and find Specialized Demo going on. Fell in love with 2015 Camber FSR Carbon Expert Evo. $5900 dream ride with 1x11 XT everything and new Pike RS fork. Stiff and solid as or re-rode the trail I just did on my junky old 2012 Stumpy. Want vs. need? Great ride even if my bike is a little loose and heavy. Glad I didn't demo more!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Solid fun kiting last weekend - still living off it. 2 posts in one. While we wait for fall winds....

Late post here for last weekend. Greta weekend. Got out late last Saturday for a solid 3-5pm 12m session at metro with all the regulars - now number 30-40+ kiters. Sun and 15-20 SSW winds that didn't look kiteable but we're good enough for a great long sesh. Good appetizer for tomorrow....

Sunday at Harsens and SW to W to WNW 20-30 with cooler temps and clouds and occasional rain and sprinkles. About a dozen of us out and started right away with the 9m Rebel. Perfect setup for the Carbon Mako and staying way upwind and playing on downwind carving along the shoreline. Wen to the surfboard later and then finally the 4.2m Atlas and the 84 FSW for a great hour in 25+ west winds. Lots of jibes and carving 360's with a few jumps. Really nice sesh I between the kiting and pulling on some different muscle groups. Swell was really fun as well - just about a perfect 2 a sport day. Looking forward to more this with fall here now. We need it after a really poor wind season. Kiting filling in really well for all the missed WS.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pontiac good and dry for all the rain we

58 minutes and a cold sweat with chilly 59 degrees and clouds with a little sun. Fast and really a ton of rocks, roots and sand. So intense and quick I was too exhausted for the second loop I promised myself. This trial has everything.

Harsens for the Rebel testing, wish it was longer!

A good one at Harsens but short. Got out late while most of the gang hit it early. But it paid off with NW 15-20 just barely enough to try out the new used 9m 2012 Rebel. Super fast in the air and super light bar pressure. Worked well since everyone else was on their 12's. Got some solid rides and playtime turning and jibing it. This is the go to kite for anything 20+ great range and the 5th line relaunch and control seem to be as great as everyone claims. Nice taste of things to come in the fall I hope.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday at Highland oh my!

2:20 in a long endless ride but flowing fast fun. Mostly dry and hard other than a single mud puddle at the entrance was a nice suprise after the big rain storms on Friday. This place is always a challenge but cool temps, dry trails and sun of fall will bring me back to try and kill this dragon.