Thursday, May 27, 2021

Tuesday MB 9m for me, 12-14m for everyone else

87 degrees and gusty 15-25 SSW to WSW and the 9 A-Roam and Duke work in everything from holes to nuclear blasts. Some out on 14’s! Loved the tiny rollers and small waves and tracking swells and riding into the beach pit area. 
Just needed some more sun and steadier breeze but I’ll take it after 2 weeks on nothing. 

Monday, May 24, 2021

Solid weekend of Riding roots and waves

Saturday start with TJ cherry popper at Highland. 830am and it’s humid hot and sweaty 2:30 almost to get r done. Fun ride and good group with JB on the new Gates driven REEB! Sweet bike. 

Sunday! Wavos Rancheros at North Lex. 

Better than the forecast for once too! N 25 and the 9m for first 45 minutes was too much. 7m Perfection and solid waves all over the north beach where we launched from. So windy on the beach it was hard to keep the sand out of my eyes. 2 weeks was worth the wait. Tried to sail down at Breakwall But too crowded! Long drive paid off. Cold 51 degrees but still dry suit was perfect. Lots of smiles. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesdays call is mid-week Bloomberry

Sun and 60. Sun for next 5 days - just need some wind now!

Saturday and back to DTE North! Stony Back 9.

Good and dry right after the Rain on Friday. Back 9 is really good. Working my way up to the jump to jump parts. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Saturday Glory of 9m wind and 2 sport day!

The new DTE North with TJ early - dry and fast flowy newness. This place is all new and really fun. 

Then by 11am it’s off for about 40 minutes of foiling STRAPLESS - a whole new level of challenging water starts. 9m worked well until the winds and waves starting bucking at 1pm. 

And then it’s was time for the 9m and the Jester!

Great riding after 4pm. SSW 20-30.