Monday, June 25, 2012

Sat 6/23 Torn Shirt Murray Lake Very Fast

No wind so lets get out on the Stumpy! Tried Strava App for new GPS very cool but killed my battery so I only got 3/4 of route tracked. That's ok because I took a side thorn flat (missing my tire slime protection) and a wash out turn crash. Otherwise an awesome long 17.73 miles in 1:45 doing the lost loop on Murray Lake. Great ride that features everything from Highland like mazes to Pontiac climbs. Bike was so fast I had a couple full brake near fly off the trial moments in tight turns. I'm going back here soon perfect for 29er full susp. training. Strava very cool, good stats and tracking - will use going forward...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday Hot Gusty Metro Mid-Day

Finally a windsurf day that started early 10am to be exact. I hit water by 11 and sailed 5.4 with 85 then later 101FSW until 4. Rains ripped thru and that was it. No kiting today with 15-25 west to SW mostly with gusts to 30. One of those days where the winds as strong as they were blew right thru the sail. But we'll take it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Ride Weekend - Stumpy 29er FSR Rocks

New bike is a dream. Unreal and almost not fair to the singletrack I know really well. On Saturday shaved 25 minutes off Island Lake (13.8 miles on 1:01) average with an over 10 mph average speed. Hills are nothing to this bike. Speeds are just insanely fast making a more engaging ride. Even front tire washout not an issue now with some ride adjustment.

On Sunday got a quick rain soaked ride in at Tree Farm. Again ripping the whole time. Shaved about 15 minutes off here and the flats and hills were nothing even in the harder gears. Felt I could even turn and angle the bike even better than the 26er. I see absolutely no disadvantages now going up 3" in OD. Full suspension is so perfect. Complete downpour at final 2 milesians new bike getting first clean down and re-lube. What a ride. 2 loops now everywhere!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday June 2, Finally Metro Delivers

Great gusty 15-30 SW Metro day which saw 20+ S winds for windsurfing in the early AM and nuking 20+ kiting winds in the afternoon. Too much wind for the 12m kite in after 2pm with gusts to 30 but we held on before safety releasing for the finish. Windsurfing really good too, 5.4 Atlas overpowered with the 4.7 on standby. About time 4 weeks and counting since last sail. The kiting filled in nice here as well - even though I should have been sailing.