Monday, November 22, 2010

Metro East Cold and we'll take it.

Rare east metro day. 6.9 Xpresh and 107 FSW worked well enough for an hour and a half and a 'hot' freestyle sesh. Sun tried to break out and you could see the swell potential but the dense cold air never licked like Friday. 49 degrees still made it another true fall sailing day. Taking whatever we can get at this point.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sun. Nov. 14, Solid Metro Dense Winds

Looked like 10-15 SW on the water but it sailed like 5M 15-25. So happy I rigged and got into the chilly LSC waters. Good enough for a nice 3+ hours on the 43 degree wind/water session. Sailed 5.7 Xspresh overpowered on the ProEd and loved it. Some nice 2-3' waves to ride and carve upon the outside and loads on carving 360's on the inside. Very happy ending if this is the last sesh of the 2010 season. An ugly day that was actually really pretty good. Oh it was cold out there too!