Monday, January 25, 2016

Long and tough-Highland in the Snow

Feeling it on this one. 2 hours almost to do A, B and C. F- D! Grippy 1-2" of snow on 90% of trail. 10% was ice and on A/D split out to trailhead it was a wild fast tobogganing on slick beamed turns. No falls though and plenty of sweating dumping the vest, hat and gloves after A. Loving it though on the 4.5" Vee Tire snowshoes. This is winter biking perfection.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Woo. 42 miles in past three days. Maybury closes out week.


Another 14 miles in two hours in the sun and 36 degrees. Lots of ice and then mud in the sun. Great completion to the 3 days of winter bike season starting out big and FAT.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Addy X 2 as Winter Fat-Ti Biking kicks in

More MTB Fat goodness this time with goggles on in light snow storm at Addison. About 2-3" of fresh pow on the trail with a big drop in tire pressure to make it work. 5.5psi up front and 7.5psi in back was the perfect setup for grip and traction for 14.6 miles. Great 2 hours of slow snow riding seeing a lot of other fatbikes of the trail. White packed single track is what it's all about now. Ride on with winter weather.

Island Lake 25% Mud 25% Ice 50% Rock and Roll

Ice mud fun on the Fat-Ti for a late Thursday afternoon loop. 14 miles in 1:27 with the tires still firm. Good flowy ride after missing past two weeks. More on tap for the long weekend.