Monday, October 28, 2019

Prime Fall at Addy

2 loops 14 miles on early Saturday morning. 40 degrees and sun and mostly leaf free dry. Me and a single deer on trail. Bring on the frost rides - prime fat bike season. Ready to drop the PSI!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Big Tuesday Gale’n 5m at Metro

Woo, what a big day that just kept cranking. 11AM Started on the 7m but out at the point the 5m was needed so we switched it up 1PM mid-day to play in the 5-7m curling waves and 40+ SW blasts. Stapped up Jester was perfection for slashing and trenching (and jumping off weeds!). SSW 25-42 is so good with the right gear including warm and dry in the full suit. Lots of people out doing battle but I was comfortable on the 5m when it was going off. Great overall - top 5 waves days ever at MB. Smiles and beers - just needed more sun to last into late day. Legs are fried after all those turns!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

MB continues to blow 7m

Got a great almost 2 hours sesh on the 7m again and the Jester. Sun and almost 60 degrees and maybe 5 of us riding. This time WSW 20-30 and waves going right to left meaning we were heading straight out from the beach. Huge slashing and selfie showers of wave spray. Short but excellent uncrowded 7m wind glory.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday is Holly in Fall Classic

56 degrees and sun mostly dry leaves and fast singletrack. Grubers was solid with lots of others out on trail. Throw in west and tech loops for dessert.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

MB late start Gale Sunday

Woo, wind and more wind building to full gale by 4pm. Great day with almost 5 hours on the water. The jester was perfect once I got to it. Weeds don't stop the strapped surfboard. 30-40 people out with 15-40 SSW winds in the sun and touching 60 degrees. Great waves off the point all to myself - high water has made big wind days equal wave days. So far fall sailing has been pretty solid. Let's keep it rolling! 

Back from 4 hours driving we bike to ride at Bloomer

Big South wind fail driving to Caseville in morning so time to ride to Bloomer for a loop with the car full on kite gear. Sun and 55 degrees still all good in shorts and Long sleeve shirt. But Of course their was a race finishing up there when I was on trail. Great fall ride with no leaves down yet?

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Get what you can at Lex on a SE

Short and weak 1:15 with 3 hours of driving at LEX SE 10-15 at best. Keith and I only dummies to head out with 50 degree temps and forecast to blow 25 by late afternoon that never arrived. Craig and Tom smart to bail on this sucker deal.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall crowds on ride at Island Lake

Lots of people out on this 20 mile Sunday ride - figures at 12:30pm with sun and 60 degrees. Was on the bell for the majority of the almost 2 hours. Cool temps and few leaves down made a great ride while missing the real fun in CV on the water.

More HB images

Harbor Beach for the first time!

Dropping charts at Lex from 20's to 15 at noon on Saturday so let's try Harbor Beach. Holding 20 SE after a 45 minute drive north I hit the water on the 11m and the Mako by 2pm a little underpowered. Sun and 55 degrees in this huge harbor and it's all really flat good for jumping. However toward the south entrance there are big curling rollers coming in the front door! Race up there and it's a beautiful spaced out 3-5' curling wave zone. About every 10 minutes a really big set comes through like a curling barrel dream. Highlights include more figuring out my top heelside turns on the Duke (I raced back in to switch!) and switching the bar from my left hand to my right on toeside bottom turns. Watching videos of really good wave kiters - they do this and before I always thought they didn't switch hands. Also got on top of the biggest wave of the day at its apex and felt like I was 10 feet above the water. Helped that at 5 it kicked in solid to 20-25 and even had to depower the new OR bar - which I love. Last off water at almost 6 for 3.5 hours on non stop new spot riding. Wagner Park is next spot to try on dead south to SE. Waves on coast drive looked really good. Long drive - worthy of the trip! 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lex the rain holds off and the 9 rocks on the new OR bar

67 degrees and NNE 20 at 3pm trying out The new stick shift bar from Ocean Rodeo. Started out on the Duke and the 9 m Pivot Kate really fun but under powered so I added a couple of twists and the bar to over sheet and were fully powered. Awesome heading up wind to the waves by the mobile home park and really good carving. Winds kept picking up as the evening came on and I moved to the jester with perfect timing strapped up to ride more waves as the winds were kicking the water up. Off the water by 640pm for almost 4 hours of riding while finally getting a chance to depower the kite using the stick shift. Love the throw on the bar and the vinyl coated de power. Great waves just off the break wall with a couple of 10 and 12 foot moving Mountains to play on. As I'm getting off the water the rain starts coming down. Totally worth the drive and anytime there's waves.