Monday, October 20, 2014

KP rages into full gale with sun, driving rain, rainbows and BIG waves. Big Saturday.

What can you say 30-40 NNW all day solid with occasional nuclear 40+ blasts. 3.7 overpowered with too much board on my FSW 84. I needed a 77! Lots of kites raging on 5-9m and loads of windsurfers on 3.4-4.2m. Huge waves to 12 feet bys days end after it started small at 9am. Really fun with some really great full planing duck jibes in the biggest gusts. Probably only fell in a few times and had more than my share of unintended jumps blasting through the surf. SLH was focus of wind and place to be today. Even Reef Warriors from west Lake Ontario St. Catherine's made the 3 hour drive. They were all great sailors with GoPros so I hoping there's video to find out there...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday Addison Twin Loop

Excellent fall morning 45-55 degrees with full sun and dry trail with no leaves. 2 full speed loops with barely another sole to be seen. Great ride here only 20 minutes north of the house.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Woo, Rain Monday but great sun Wednesday for Harsens

Last 2 days of this great streak of wind this week. Wind 5 out of 6 days is something rare around here.

Monday: kiting in the rain and SSW 15-20+. Misery of rain and dark skies with the glory of only about 6 kiters out. 2 hours of wet fun and teaser for....

Wednesday! 25-35 West at Harsens. Sunny and 60 degrees with about 30+ sailors and kiters out. Started 4.2 overpowered blasting then after about 30 minutes down to the 3.7 for an hour. Great tiny curling waves made for few jumps but holes and gusts made it so had to go back to the 4.2. Got in 2 hours before it dropped to 20's by 2pm. Time to kite. 9m Rebel fix was in and kite was fast in the big winds. Easy upwind made for great downwinders working on the jibes and topside. Day flew by like Keith on his 12m handling 30++ peak winds like a pro. Memorable day to round out week.

Monday, October 6, 2014

SSW Metro 3 days in a row Friday, Sat and Sunday

Good three days a blur now as I get out again today:

Friday: SSW 15-30 way overpowered on a 5.4 good short session out at the point but 4.7 would have been perfect. No slogging here.

Saturday: SW again 15-25 4.7 got out late for underpowered sesh then winds drop and shift west and rebuild as I head off to Keith 50th at CBFD!

Sunday: SSW 15-30 gusty but perfect powered 12m nice almost 3 hours with a little 4.7 pointe session. Thank god for kiting. Off for more right now Monday!

Addy and Bald Sunday MTB quicky

Quick one from last Sunday 9/28 at Addison and Baldy. Sunny and dry 65 degrees doesn't get better!