Sunday, October 27, 2013

Metro Fall Saturday cold blast. 9 out of 10 session.

Ok That's more like it. Finally a day with some wind! Saturday out off the point at MetroBeach winds SSW 20 to 30 perfect 4.7M and lots of waves and whitecaps. Great day with about 30 people out. Winds were consistent cold and chilly throughout the day but died with the rains at the end. Overall really good stuff: jumps, slashing and bashing lips galore. Beats sitting at home watching the leaves fall.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cold gale fail - thank god for kiting

Winds to 30? No, SW at 10-15. More like it. Good enough for 12m power and carbon Mako multihour sesh at the newly designed MP. Very kite friendly launch site and no more trees really to block winds. Good fun but too cold for wetsuit now. Falling temps and Drysuit mandatory. Props for Keith skating without abandon - fun to watch. Good midday fun with maybe 4-5 kiters out.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Harsens. Sun, winds and strapless

Great 12m day at Harsens Island. Near perfect 10-20+k winds and 65 degrees with clear skies and sun. Loved the new Carbon Mako 140 and got 2 hours on SS Pit strapless! Got up on first attempt but quickly learned you got to be further forward and legs spread. Never got pulled off once even in heavy chop and gusts. Paired with 17m in lighter winds this setup will excel. Rode Craig's Ceratias strapped (loved it, great fast quick planing) but hardly put feet in. I'm fully committed to it now with nothing but pads. Lots of quick learning to balance and feather/fly the kite, but its a rush to ride with nothing but your feet and pressuring the deck. Also quick learning curve to roll up out of water with feet arched and board flat. I think anyone good with kite can pick it up quickly. Glad I stuck with, new dimension to riding a 40 liter mini wave board.

Sunday Stoney works for me especially the DH stuff.

Late eve ride on Sunday, got in 10 miles in about an hour doing the DH loops (numbers 28 on) at Stoney. Really good fast flow and some tech stuff. So much fun I did it twice. There's alot here thats flat and long for the first half but the stuff deep in the woods and hills is great. Close to home and easy to ride into and create your own trail setups - I will be back before the leaves are all down.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wet and fast Pontiac

With Jabber a quick 10.4 miles in 58 minutes. Not too for all the rain we had. Interesting that 68 degrees with 99% humidity felt like 90 degrees. Let's get some sun abs wind back.