Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/24 Birthday Blow at Blue!

A great day at the blue lagoon which looked to start as a very sad day with holey winds and not enough to take the day off to go sailing. Started on 4.2 with schlogging, but by 5 PM it picked up to 4.7 Atlas winds, 20 to 30 K out of the Northwest, sun and 60° (although the water was very cold @ 48). This definitely made up for missing the 3m day on Monday. Keith somehow with temps and winds working the 5.2 really well...Good 4.5 day to turn 45!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hatteras Day 7 Swap Meet Gear Time!

Enough now, time for gear... No wind - but swap gets us a used 2011 12M Liquid Force and 158 Cabrihna hull - were legit. Pack up time. Great trip.

Hatteras Day 6 and a kiting we go. 5.4 PM

Great couple hours with Brent on JB's Rally 12 as it picked up 15-20+ after 2pm. Yep were kiting and putting together some transitions. Good session learning and doing the practice moves. Need gear now....

Next up at 5pm was 2 hours of 5.4 Atlas fun with the 107 FSW. Great clean lanes as everyone had gone in and left me to have the sound to myself. Lots of tacks and 360 carves really milked it unde the end. No wind in forecast for tomorrow-boo!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hatteras Day 5 Wednesday Winds from NE

Thanks to Tom a nice 15-20 NE 2 hour session at 4pm got the 107 FSW and 5.4 Atlas flying. Pretty decent but a long walk out and back with the shallow waters and unhelpful tide.

Morning with Sam at Real and 17M Slingshot was best yet. NE winds 12-17 and loads of rides and getting into transitions. Lessons were great and loads of ride time and things coming together. Now onto getting gear.

Hatteras Day 4 - let's Kite with Trevour

No windsurfing today but enough wind for morning SW winds 12-16 to take a Best TS 17M from Real down to our house! Lots of rides and progress with kite control. Great day and lunch at Mojos - more on kite tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hatteras Day 3 continuing the 4.2 Evening

We'll repeat Sunday with more on the exact same 20-30++ SW on the 4.2's with a slight drop off for a little 5.4 time. Great sun with no clouds and tons of constant wind turbine burning. All the gang out until 8:30 sunset. Loving it.

Hatteras Day 2 Let's go get those 4.2's

Getting on the small sails and boards with 20-30 SW and solid solid evening winds. Good power and blasting carving 360's, quick tacks and a couple duck monkey jibes. Trying everything everywhere as it's 1-5ft deep for as far as we can sail. Oh yeah, we're kiting too! 1-5pm at Real on the 10M NaishPark and trying to get up on a small barn door! More tomorrow - commitment made.

Anyway, 5.4 Atlas way overpowered and the 4.2 spot on 6-8pm. No time for looking at the clock it's windy - great day sunny, 77 degrees, 4.2 powered. Enough. Said.

Hatteras Day 1 We're here, Saturday Eve Sesh

Alright in Saturday by 1pm, Brent's got gear and were sailing 5-6m in 15-20 SW for a couple of hours. Looks good for the week and everyone's pumped. Great house and the gangs all here!

Monday, April 9, 2012

4.2 Afternoon at Blue Lagoon Happy Easter

Solid 20-30 WNW winds to 40 with gusts and super wave action made for a great afternoon into the night at BL. 4.2 Atlas was perfect single sail paired with my new Chinook RDM 370 mast. Great sun with no clouds 60 degrees and just the sailors on the bay. It doesn't get better this except a possible repeat this afternoon. Bring it on!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Addison Oaks is perfect single track.

2 loops in 1:33, 12.8 miles of spring ready trail. Beautiful day and place to ride. Almost 20mph on the final bomb runs right along the 2 lakes here. Looks so clean when the leaves and trees are still so barren...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday afternoon at Maybury SP for 2 fast loops

After we went sailing it's time to go biking. A nice 14 mile ride in two 7 mile loops at Maybury today. Very dry and tough n the second go around. Freezing cold 37° but the sun outside made it like 50.

Lexington in April cold, sunny and windy.

Craig, Jon Z and I got in 3 hours of NNE 20++ at Lex. Super sunny and cold solid breezes with a surprisingly fairly flat swell. Got fatigued on the new 5.4 Atlas until I moved down to the 4.7 comfortably powered. Only as the winds dropped at 6pm did the waves start to clean and roll. Weird.

Good stuff but cold by the end. Great to sail Lex so early, Craig and I wanted to do a downwinder so bad. More on tap today up there again. Let's go.