Monday, August 31, 2020

Caseville Saturday all day blow- with my gear blow ups

Saturday 9:30am rigging a 7 - sunny and waves - there’s nothing better. 20-30+ barbell winds with a predicted mid day lull. Tough launch with dead onshore wind and chop everywhere but once out it was solid 7m and Jester fun until... the OR chicken loop snaps landing a huge fast jump inside the breakwall. Total failure and immediate kite flag out and subsequent wrap up and switch to the Naish bar. Ok no damage and I’m back out on the 9m now slashing up the coast heading to Oak Pointe. Then... snap again the harness rope line breaks and the kite flies 100+ downwind. It was so powered it released the flagging leash line. Luckily Craig just down wind and grabbed kite just before it hit the shore. Still long swim into shore (thankfully onshore) through waves and then long walk back to CV beach park. Back out again lastly for 30+ winds on the 7 again and now on the Mako. Big waves now but sadly still choppy and a mess. Fun none the less to cap off 5+ hours on the water. Finally a great day on the small stuff. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Lonnnggg DTE Drive well worth it.

Sunday 1pm on trail and miracle parking spot open up front. 81 steamy degrees and pure sun with dusty and sandy singletrack. Loved the backward direction day. Long drive and long ride. Carbon hoops continue to be so fast and light. Love the upgrade. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

MB thank you for delivering some fun

Windy everywhere with the thumb sailors getting some big SW winds... what about us here?! 

10-15 forecast goes SSW 20-23 and I literally made it happen with leaving all my smaller gear at home. Fun on the Duke and 11 Pivot sharing water with JB on 14 and making it look easy. Was hoping to foil but think I needed my 9 or 7 which were sitting at home...

Monday, August 17, 2020

Carbon Hoops help a lot

Wow, lighter faster better. Super stiff and lively at speed. Really loved the hubs and the wheels. Quiet and solid on a dry (even after am rain) IL blue and yellow loop. Wishing I did this long ago. 90mm width even better that 80’s with the Lou/Bud tires now switched. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

MB on UFO and Finally Foiling home

My thoughts: UFO strutless got about 40 minutes on it with Duke in 12-18 winds... easy to fly, looks small for 9m, low aspect C shape, super light, good pull in water starts, pretty light bar pressure, effortless drifting of course, really great in downloops but... slow in turns, couldn't get it to pivot, constantly want to fly upward to the sky, sits deep in window sometimes felt like I was outrunning it, if you pull it to the ball it will back stall - needs to breathe (not sheet in and go) and last I could feel LE flex a lot when It gusted and I cranked on bar-pulling the ends in together.... The LE on it is actually very large diameter too and I had it up to 10 PSI. Anyway fun to try but not for me even on foil - the 10m boxer got the job done today when I switched.

Almost 6pm and down to beach with JB and Charlie to foil and it was perfect 10m. Got in some great long runs and some jibes. Only compliant was weeds! They get on foil and you can't fly it. Seeing TJ on boat and trying to sail around him was fun too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Sugar Saturday at DTE

8:30 and the lot is nearly full. 67 degrees dry and sunny. Finally on Sugar Loop - so good I'll do it twice next time!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

More Foil Face Shot - thanks KVB~!

Day 3 and 4 - Foiling Finally!

OK Kiter Kyle had me thinking I gotta try to foil and after trying the 9 Pivot in 10-15 and getting washed down to the state park I thought I would switch to Boxer and give it one more try... and I got it. 

Awesome feeling flying the foil and doing it at 1/2 the speed of a boat. 4 hours on the foil and of course alot of crashes but I now know how to fly the foil out of a waterstart. What a feeling and of course the drifting of the Boxer now more than ever when all you want to do is dump power when it really blows. Can't wait to foil fly at home again soon!

More Day 2 Goodness in front of The Croche - Video

Big Day 2 to 30’s with Waves and OK Kiter.

Killer Day!!! Sun 73 and 20-30+ all day. 50+ miles in almost 5 hours on the water. Kyle the OK kiter and I had the whole bay, all day - where was everyone??!! 11M and Duke OP"d all the way but no time to change to the 9m. Classic LTB Day - thermaling solid 11-8pm!!

Up North Day 1 Delivers!

Here we go - Duke and 10 Boxer with 27m lines. Sun and WSW 15-20 Winds pop by 11am for solid start to week. PM sesssion continues on Lake Charlevoix. 

What a vacation week!!! Here’s the 3 great rides!