Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Big Wednesday SW 25+ sun and weeds!

Great day 5 hours on the water and didn't want it to end. What a Wednesday mid-week gift. 9m and Duke to start and of course weed city! then on to the Jester strapped and the 7m. Great 5-6' curling waves off the point and had them all to myself! Another solid sunny 80 degrees, SW 25+ day with gusts but could have been on 7 whole time. Last 2 hours super comfortable on the Mako and throwing weeds instead of catching them. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Metro Sunday blasts off 9m and waves.

Wow it turned from south 15-20 to 25++ right at 3pm today. Solid 9m op'd Conditions with sun and 85 degrees. Great crowd 30+ out and even the WS guys getting powered rides. Dream day first our at 11am on the Duke and 11 then 9 and Mako by 5pm. Great late summer day reward for not going to KOGL. Let's get the fall sailing season started!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Night ride finally doing CRT

6pm sunsetting and Long speedy ride from River Bends first half all the way down to Clinton River Trail MTB start. Trail is actually ok - problem is that it's 2 way and has multiple dumps into the paved pathways. Good that's it's checked off but this ride needs to be out of season go-to when no one is out.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Caseville on a Perfect Saturday

Up at 630am and on the road north. Sun and 60 degrees. SSW 20-30 all day starting on the 9 and the Jester set up Tri-fin. Great 3-5' wave and swell cutting up the Breakwall and the front beach. Down to the 7m after an hour with no depower and it's perfect for drift and pull in the waves. 30+ people out and no one on the beach. Water still warm and toasty warm still for the 4/3 wetsuit. 65 miles and 5 hours worthy of the 2 hour easy drive there and back by 8pm. Love the day and need more of this on a NE for some downy action.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Bay City is the new Linwood

Forget the sketchy marina launch we got waves and sand beach launch 15 minutes closer. 4 hours in punchless 12-20 on the Duke and the 11. About 12 people out and anyone on the twin tips was really underpowered. Cool 59 degrees but sanding shallow sand made it easy. Great 3-5' waves right in front. Lots of top and bottom turn work but very light pull on the kite. Great practice though for the bigger days. The riding time equals the drive so all is in balance.

Classic cool Grubers on a late Saturday

Fun and not a struggle for once with 70 degrees and partly cloudy. I thought this ride was 16 miles...
Always good and never wet and never see anyone else out even with the parking lot full!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ludington is worth the ride!

Nw 12-18 and very light start on Labor Day with sun and cool 60 degrees. Met Frank on a 21m foil with 10m extensions doing well but 14 and Duke just enough- no way on the 12. Sailing the clean Breakwall glass. Great timing too as the afternoon wore on the winds kicked in and I moved to the Mako and jumps galore. 15-20 by the end and nicely powered. I could have stayed all afternoon if the brewery here wasn't calling. Can't wait to sail here again with huge sandy beach's and Big Sauble Point just 10 minutes north. Ludington has it all.

Fun Flow in Northern MI

Tom lead the way through 5 loops at Palmer Woods about 20 minutes outside of Empire. Fun flow with 2 trails and a lot of stone ledge drops. Both were grinders uphill but had fast DH finishes. Some great off camber riding on a perfect 70 degree sunny day. This place would be a real challenge after a good rain. Great ride while there was no wind.