Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday Nov. 7 Marysville Sun and Fun

A great sunny 70 degree day at Metro in the early morning for a 6.2 Alpha session where it was 15-18K past the pointe with a smooth 2-3 foot lapping swell. Lots of fun but we need more wind and its south so off to Marysville we go. Glad we made the trip because its was 5M-6M mostly throughout the day with a nice swell and glorious sun. Winds 190-210 degrees in the 15-30+ range go the small boards out and the waves slashed up. The 5M and the 85ltr. worked most of the time today although the 6.2 and the 107 were overpowered fun.

All who made the trip were happy - hoping this season got 1 or 2 more sessions left on the weekend - this was a nice one.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, Nov. 5 Blue Lagoon in 2 hours

A quick run out to Blue Lagoon today at noon for some 5.7 overpowered
fun on a very cold but sunny day. Started on the big 107 but quickly
moved to the 85 as the wind gusted into 30's for a short time at 2pm.
By 3:30 it was over... Gotta blame this one on Millard for rigging a
4.2m. Saturday looks good for more from the south.