Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Early Addy Sat. to beat the mud!

Well almost, last 1000 feet out was mud and messy water. But good early frost ride at Addison on the Fat-Ti. Only one loop or 8 miles in an hour. Beats nothing but warming trends are here and after rains no way we ride. Now we need some wind!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Lunch Metro Short Cold Demo Sesh

Got out on Solo 12M V2 and the Tomorrow Vader 5'5" at Metro with a S 15-18 for about 2 hours. Good sesh strapless after the long winter. Mako Duke is still the Duke! Fun with about 6 of us out. Loved the Solo 12, lite and fast turning. 15.5 would be great big kite or do I just buy a 14M pivot and forget the 12 completely? Gotta demo more🎯.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Double Saturday Ride

Good early ride at Pontiac with JB and his dog Lucky! 30 degrees and sun with firm dry single track. Good 10.3 in slow 1:17. Dog beat me.

Next to try a new spot only 15 minutes away CRAMBA River Bends. Good open stadium like ride. Like Bloomer in many ways except to rims or any hills to speak of. 10% mud at 37 degrees but still easily rideable Fat. Met some nice guys on ride who explained the 'Swamp' section is usually closed until May to dry out. This place is minimal 2 loops but at speed good fun including RED expert sections. I will be back soon.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Big Sunday x2 Loops

Perfection for packed snow fat biking. Solid mostly grippy 99% snow coverage - no mud! 4-5psi was the call for Is. Lake for almost 14 miles. Tons of fat bikes out and a nice 30-34 degree ride. So sketchy off camber snow sections and fast downhills mean stay light on the front wheel. Great ride overall with 4-5" treads everywhere.

Next, over the Mabury where the they have rerouted the MTB to the Main entrance and the new hill entry. Good enough but tough first climb to start. Definitely feeling it after the first ride nut like all the tech sections and downhill banked the parts. 7.6 miles and no way to power around for second loop. Temps 34-36 but still frozen and mostly grippy. Great day with 3 hours riding. 2016 is full on. Keep riding in mornings as the high temps are here next week. Beer me.