Monday, August 27, 2012

ILSRA dry dust race in the Heat

Island Lake was fun on Saturday afternoon got in 13.5 miles in one hour and six minutes. 25-30 minutes faster than my the old 26 bucket of rust. The king of the mountain (KOM) according to is averaging unreal 44 minutes at 18.2 miles an hour. I am at a sloth at 12.3 mph average finishing 133 ranking out of 225...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday @ Highland dry speed plush

Dave Barrett joined JB and I for a 12.5 mile Highland ABCD loop. He did great through whole ride. 2:20 with lots of stops but a great ride. Still psyched on the new bike just killed the hills and bombed the decents. What do people do on the still riding 2-6?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Metro South Sesh Good not Great

Ok, late to Metro but the rain did not happen. Got out about 4pm after rigging kite and winds started to rip so quickly rigged the 5.4 Atlas/84FSW for a run out to the Shoal where it was capping SSW 12-18k. An hour or so of good planing and I need to kite! However 6pm winds were 10-15 now inside and I failed to get any long rides just struggling to roll up and keep the kite powered. Very frustrating as all the others were working their kites and making it work. Got to get out in heavy air and work on powered kiting. The light wind stuff is too much work.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best Wave And Classic LTB NW sesh!

Super Sunday-right on forecast. Great day 4.7 - 5.4m 20k all day. Fun and sun with 75 degree temps and steady NW made for really great wave day highlighted by Bayview breakwall curling shorebreak. JB, Fox, Monz and I had the shoreline north of Petoskey SP to ourselves most of the day chasing rogue swells and cresting ramps. Great direction and flow for sailing powered up and ripping the Petoskey shoreline. No complaints just smiles and lots of Alleve for the afterglow. Solid 6+ hours of pure Michigan.... Wind and waves. Thanks to Brent for hosting and bringing the breeze.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mabury midweek heats up

2 super quick loops at Mabury where the 29er makes everything easy and fast. Getting really good at turns here on the big wheels and holding the line. One loop at 38 and other 40 minutes. 13.57 miles total 9.3 mph average speed. Strava rating 77/111 not so good, top guys looping in 26 minutes @ 13.4 mph ave.