Monday, April 25, 2016

Ponto Dry Cold Sunny Fast Fun

Cold 40 degrees that felt like 70 an hour and 10.3 miles later. Great early Saturday ride with JB and no Lucky. Bring on the season on MTB and don't forget the wind.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hatteras 2016 Wrap Up

Woo big fun at the new Sounds Fabulous house. Plenty of fun and drama getting down and back but well worth it. Here's the breakdown of the sailing: 5 for 6

4/9 Sat. W 30-40+ 3.7 powered with lots of deep water pushed up sailing right in front of house. Late eve sesh started at 6pm but well worth it. 45 degrees mittens a must. Good Start. 

4/10 Sun. Classic Sunny SW 15-20 Morning sesh 12m was perfect and warm temps hanging though. 3-4 hrs. Done by lunch. 

4/11 Mon. More Sun. More SW 15-20 12m.  Great afternoon sesh 2-7pm. Lots of smiles with long day after waiting out slow morning. 

4/12 Tues. Fog start and no wind. Beer me early. Bound to have one of these. 

4/13 Wed. North switch overnight rocks house and morning brings NNE 30-40 with all the water drawn out of our cove. Good things start with overpowered 4.2 followed by 7m all day. Later rigged 3.7. Again no clouds sunny with temps 52-56. Downwinder to Salvo Beach. 4.5 miles of 7m slashing in just over hour. Loved it. 

4/14 Thurs. exact repeat of NNE to 40+ Wednesday. Got 3 hours on 3.7 and the rest on 7m. Sun sun and more sun. Cool but super powered and Duke driving upswing and slashing back down. This is getting really fun with smallest kite and sail only. I could get used to this. 

4/15 Friday exact repeat of Thursday. Started at 9am on 9m and then by 11:30 it was only the 7. Went playing way upwind and the water was glass with 40 gusts. Only the Duke and 7 for me. Great drifting the kite and deep trenching turns. Last one off the water at 7pm. Long day of perfection. Late night. Pack it up - were out! Woo. Great week. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hatteras Saturday Day 1 Boom 3.7 Evening Sesh.

Snowmageddan drive in - in April no less, really snowy and impossible Ohio road conditions.

Long day, driving late after all day arrived at Sounds Fabulous at 5:30 on the water by 6 and it was full on 3.7 with West winds 30-40+. Great fun sailing right in front of house with nice 1-2 foot waves. Get start followed by Top Dog Cafe for grouper dinner.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Highland Snow and cold and truly and grinder to do D.

Cold Sunday long long ride today. Starting out great ABC but D..oh D.... 26 degrees, going from too hot to too cold. Amazing with an inch of snow the big time DH speeds I hit with little to no slippage. Almost 3 hours to ride 15 miles. Highland is a killer and a slow long endless ride. Beer and Alleve me. Next week were off to Hatt so this was good weekend for some MTB mileage. Now let's kite!

Saturday early Pontiac beats the mud.

Amazingly dry for rain the evening before. JB and I got in quick loop before 10:30 on a mostly fast 90% mud free Ponto... good ride 10.3 miles sets up Highland tomorrow.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Rain splits for solid 9m afternoon

Perfect timing 2-7pm with rain breaking up and winds 20-30 SSW. Even a small break of sun. Wind and yes waves great for Duke and heelside slash session. Really good shore swell with lots of south and current water heights. Fun with short break and then back to beach break area with the Houting Mako. Really fun day two on the rocket fast Pivot 9. Love this kite. Getting better at drifting it and had som of the biggest strapless jumps yet.

Thursday Solo Metro Demo day

Got an hour on the 15.5 and another hour on 12 Solo V2's. Fun to try and 15.5 was good in 10-15 winds initially. Liked lightness and reduced LE. But do I need big kite again? By evening got 12 Ride out for 2 more hours and had fun with the boys powered up in the beach bowl. Great long day - last one to leave Metro at 9:30!