Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday April 27th, Back to Metro - Brent and I rip Da Reef

Sun and wind south 20-30 = good times

5M search was better late in the day...

Awesome day for a south winds at Metro. I first rigged a 3.7 as it was 25++ out of the SSW, but realized a 4.5M Search would work just fine as 20-30 stayed solid. Brent and I then headed out for Da Point Reef a shallows about 500 yards SSE of the Metro Beach Point. There it was a sunny playground of long waves and curling swells. Very much a Cabarete vibe to the whole section - tons of craving opportunities and ramps. Truly a place we need to bring a camera out too for some photo and video. The winds stayed steady for about 2 hours out there then the classic holes and mushy winds started requiring a 5M Search. Stayed on the JP FSW 85 all day which afforded a great chance to get used to the small kit. Tons of kiters ripping it up as well. Have to call the first few hours today the "best" I've ever had Metro condition wise. Makes missing Marysville seem alright if you head to Da Reef.

Saturday at Metro, April 25th Back for More

Sunny and cool Saturday morning at Metro - 20+ SSW winds took a while to fill in but by 10am its on for what was a great day. Overpowered and loving it on the 6.2 Search and JP 107 FSW again today even thought a smaller kit could have been the call. I was the only one out for the first few hours and had the place to myself. Luckily that no weeds are present yet and my fin and hull combo perfect for slicing up a nice south swell. 2 days now back to back - feeling the 2009 seasons starting off right...

Friday, April 24th my Birthday Sail

Got to sail the 6.2M Search and the JP FSW 107 and really enjoyed a 3 hour session ripping some SSW winds and some nice swell. I really like the 107 now when it up and planning - it's heavy but its an identical riding copy of the the smaller 85 just a little longer, wider and the thicker.

Sunny and 15-20 powered up - very nice way to spend a day getting older...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sat., April 18, Pontiac opens the MTB season

It was a sunny 75+ degree day with JB ripping it up (on a new Cannondale ride no less) on a very dry Pontiac Lake MTB trail. Honestly, I was horribly out of shape - I think 10+ people passed me - single speeders, ladies, 2-9ers, you name it. I was however able to finish 10.6 miles in 1:10. Good start to the season that felt like it was mid-summer already. Easily the most riders and most crowded I have ever seen on a mountain bike trail. Now we simply need to dry everywhere else out around here so we can all spread out...

Tunes: Anthems for the Underdogs - 12 Stones

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday, April 4, Sun and Fun at the Blue Lagoon

Great morning of 20 NW cold air and sun (to make you think its warm)

Those out early got the best of the day...

Upon arrival finding nice 5M conditions

I don't care what the thermometer says when its a Saturday morning and 20-30NW is in 9am the forecast you go and sail. Atleast you go and check it out, so thats what I did after an hour of wondering what the lake would be like with LCSM4 reading 25G31. My reward - the first hour solid 5M and I was the only one out. JB, Silver Fox, Tommy and Monz there to join in a bit later. I stayed on a 5.7 Expression and the 85 JP, which was more than enough up until the wind died at 2pm. Totally worth getting into the drysuit for 3 hours of sailing with the sun and the solid NW winds keeping me warm inside the whole time. My motto if the water's not frozen: "you're only cold when your schlogging".

Tunes: Jon Foreman - Spring and Summer

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wed. April 1 - We're Fools for the Winds

Tom Mid-Duck

Brent playing in the shore swell

Plenty of Fun in the South Waves

Sun and 30+ SSW winds in the later afternoon...

Lots more smaller sails got rigged later in the session

Great day at Metro once the winds picked up at 2pm and the west component filled in. Most on 5M got in the the 4's later in the evening. Classic cold temps with and sun got things going and just kept building through the day 15-25 then 20-35+. 5M fully downhauled worked well with the JP FSW 85 but from all reports the next size down worked in the late evening. Wave and swell action was really good too. Great call by NOAA this time on a forecast that looked to be too good to be true. Good start to April and great follow-up to Sunday's sailing.