Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday, April 4, Sun and Fun at the Blue Lagoon

Great morning of 20 NW cold air and sun (to make you think its warm)

Those out early got the best of the day...

Upon arrival finding nice 5M conditions

I don't care what the thermometer says when its a Saturday morning and 20-30NW is in 9am the forecast you go and sail. Atleast you go and check it out, so thats what I did after an hour of wondering what the lake would be like with LCSM4 reading 25G31. My reward - the first hour solid 5M and I was the only one out. JB, Silver Fox, Tommy and Monz there to join in a bit later. I stayed on a 5.7 Expression and the 85 JP, which was more than enough up until the wind died at 2pm. Totally worth getting into the drysuit for 3 hours of sailing with the sun and the solid NW winds keeping me warm inside the whole time. My motto if the water's not frozen: "you're only cold when your schlogging".

Tunes: Jon Foreman - Spring and Summer