Tuesday, June 28, 2016

HI delivers a hot W and quick Nuke NE!

Monday repeat! Sunny and 93 degrees and about 20 kiters at HI kite loop. Starting 10-20 WSW then West 12-22 all on the Duke ripping and slashing. 12 working well but weird direction and occasional 25 gusts. Switched over to the Mako 140 and winds steady West 18-22 big boosts with elevators up, then a solo run all the way into Big Muscamoot Bay and out of nowhere nuke blow from 90 degrees turning North to 30! Full depower and still getting pulled up then nothing and kite Hindenburg then back to 30! Then cold 20 degree drop in matter of minutes and big white caps. Thankfully it was 8pm and day's end. Lucky too 3 others got back after being blown out of the bay! Fun and exciting and home by 10pm. Summer's good so far for the evening thermals.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stony Flows on Saturday

Good redo of the second half at Stony. Bermed turns and great flowy wide singletrack. 80 and sun and of course a running race going on during the ride. Will be back!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

HI solid 9m PM sesh via Ricks Boat

Monday 4-7pm great 9m action ripping on 20+ lifty WSW winds. Sun and 90 degrees with 70 degree shorts water didn't hurt either. Epic carving fun and big big lofty jumps. Rick providing the boat ride over with the Silver Fox. Thankfully bringing the 9m at the last minute. And we needed them as it immediately picked up as I hit the water on the 12. Great long session with plenty to be happy about.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Barely a Tease at Metro

Thermal chance at SSE 15 turned into nothing but 30 minutes of lawn mowing. Upper winds kicked in at 3 but in less than hour died off. Just made it in before the collapse. Couple of jibes and jumps leaves me wanting more tomorrow.

Holly perfection for new PR

John and I hit a great 80 degree sunny day for a clean dry Grubers East and Tech West Loops. 18+ miles all fat and fast in just over 2:15. Bike and trail in solid condition.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Saturday Sun and Strawberry.

Fun new adventure with 6 of us kiting off Ricks 21' I/O boat. Started at 11am loading the boat to the max. Next headed over to HI and no winds but by 1pm we made it up to Strawberry Island and some other kiters on 14 and 17 going pretty good. By 2-3pm it was solid 12 and the Duke surfboard. Great slicks and super flat water inside all the coves. Really fun flying the kite high and carving on glass. Everyone had fun with about 15 of us out by 4pm. Sun and 90 degrees and solid power. Memorable session in middle of LSC. Dead west wind sets up perfectly for a return visit here soon. Thanks Rick!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Harsens Frustration Freeze

Looked so good to start. NW cold breeze 12-15 started it barely going on the 12 and it built to 15-20 but cold got to my hands. Ended to early after an hour or so session. Maybe back today if the winds hold thru PM. Wanted more but didn't get it today with the Duke fun just starting.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunday Metro Mess O Wind

Messy rain and shifty winds going SW to W to NW. Barely an hour in on what should have been a good day. Only to light up NW at 4 for WS session I couldn't stay for. Sunny and 80 too. Hoping test of week builds off this.

Saturday at Highland Dry and Fast

15 tough and long miles just 3 minutes off personal best. JB and I and about 30 others doing the Milford Challenge. 75 degrees and sun. Prime conditions and fun ride. Watch your shoulders I think I clipped 3 trees with it on this ride!