Tuesday, June 28, 2016

HI delivers a hot W and quick Nuke NE!

Monday repeat! Sunny and 93 degrees and about 20 kiters at HI kite loop. Starting 10-20 WSW then West 12-22 all on the Duke ripping and slashing. 12 working well but weird direction and occasional 25 gusts. Switched over to the Mako 140 and winds steady West 18-22 big boosts with elevators up, then a solo run all the way into Big Muscamoot Bay and out of nowhere nuke blow from 90 degrees turning North to 30! Full depower and still getting pulled up then nothing and kite Hindenburg then back to 30! Then cold 20 degree drop in matter of minutes and big white caps. Thankfully it was 8pm and day's end. Lucky too 3 others got back after being blown out of the bay! Fun and exciting and home by 10pm. Summer's good so far for the evening thermals.