Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, March 29 - the 2009 Opener

LSCM4 today

The 09' season started today and while it was cold it was also up and down (30+ gusts early and 15 holes) - rigged 3 sails....4.5M Search, 5M search and 6.2 Alpha. Started out windy enough and good for the JP FSW 85 out of the SSW but quickly it came down and I had to rig up and try out the new JP FSW 107 with the Alpha - that worked well enough and was the best session of the afternoon. Jeff had the worst of the day blowing out two (yes 2) sails in the first hour. Brent was the smartest of the 3 of us rigging just the 5.9 Duke with the Fanatic 104. Temps never an issue (40-50) once in the water and we even had sun for the first hour or two...rain ended the day though by 4pm. Good enough starting sesh for knocking the rust off.

Eats: Tim Hortons

Tunes: The Afters - Never Going Back to OK