Friday, June 19, 2015

Bloomer all fun x2 Fat!

12.4 in 1:30. Personal records here all fat now. Great control and mallet 2 pedals hold almost too good! Great ride never even breathing hard. These tires actually don't even seem to be BIG enough. No going back to 2.Xer tires or 29er for that matter!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Highland is all Fat and Happy

Fatboy rocks even without front suspension. Love it especially uphill - insane speed and grip. No need for rear suspension at all. Great semi wet ride with JB. 2:12 of wide 4.6" goodness.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Metro Best day so far in 2015. 🙌🏻🌟👍🏻

Killer day I should have brought trailer!! Metro firing fully de powered 12m until 1pm and then it was solid 9m gusty SW 20-30++ then turning W and dropping to nothing by 5pm. Everyone out for fun easy 5m op'd on WS I actually wish I had! But it was solid kiting getting really good on starboard toeside swell slashing and couple of good jumps.
Swells and bumps with gusts but it was all good until 5 when all kites dropped out of the sky... Fun dinner with the boys at Terry's Terrace. More of this please!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hoyles great spot when Sag Bay is firing

On water by 9am for solid 12m fun day playing in the northern slicks at Linwood Beach/Hoyles Marina. Launch is little tight but easy to figure out. NNE winds 18-22. Sun and 55-60 degrees. Almost 6 hrs kiting with the highlight of cruising off 'Butter Pointe' where a long south land jetty makes a natural break wall. Another 100 mile drive - 1.5 hr. Drive. Well worth it in shallow Hatteras like kiting right in our back yard. Looking forward to more here in future.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bloomer Fat and fast. Full PSI

Great ride last night 8.8 miles in an hour and five minutes. I had the fat boy tires fully inflated for a hard fast roll both uphill and downhill. The bike climbed like a banshee and went downhill far quicker than previous rides. New shoes and cleats makes the bike complete. Great ride. Twice around the cliff hanger rim. Bike is awesome.

Caseville Worthy of the drive! No rain! Wind!

What an excellent day this past Sunday up in Caseville. Had a 2 Hour drive at 8 in the morning to get up and find winds up to 40 from the east northeast. Larry, Deb and I ventured out from Phillips Park and decided to do a 5 mile downwinder. Keep in mind I did it op'd on a 3.7!!!! Big waves head high at times and some incredibly clean sections with huge spacing and line down the line action. Heaven for the next 2.5 hours cutting up the coast. Great action passing the state park and Jeannies Surf Palace. Been a long time since WS this wind and waves. Time to load up the van and head back to kite!

Next up was borrowing Debs 7m Rebel and here comes the sun! We move to Surf Palace to kite as waves on coast seemed best here. Winds cranking still but with stability of the small Rebel and light bar pressure it actually felt underpowered. One of my best sessions and the waves with the kite and again at 40+ mile per hour winds I was able to actually enjoy the challenge of surfing in the impact zone. The sliding spreader bar still is causing some challenges and problems coming out of hillside turns but I'm going to stick with it. The final 2.5 hours seem to go by in five minutes as Larry and I finished the session just before 5 o'clock with high-fives and smiles. What a day and totally worth the drive home reliving the moments. Special day!!!