Sunday, September 30, 2012

Highland Tree Ride Rash

Saturday and 14.6 miles in 2:05 with JB with nice tree bash on C loop. Finally time to cut the bars down a little I think. I had 4 tree bar end hits and luckily not more falls. Finally this ride is easy on the legs only have to worry about the bar ends and carrying so much speed through them. Highland is still Highland but a lot tamer on the 29 Stumpy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Classic SSW sun, waves and fall temps @ MB

Loving it: 2-8pm rocking waves and 20-25 steady wind on the Metro shoal. Sun and 55 degrees make for solid (read no holes at all) 4.7 Atlas sailing. Too much wind for me to kite but that didn't stop the 30+ people out on 7-10m's. Great times and it just kept better as the sun went down. However, weeds were bad on inside and water is at lowest level I can remember. All makes no difference with a 2-5 ft swell and occasional 6ft. curling wave way outside. Too bad I forgot the pov video again as I had it all to myself for the first few hours. Solid A rated sesh.

It's Tree Farm again... Very fast indeed.

Low tire pressure and cushy 5" susph makes a great ride. Getting faster each time and hardly touching the brakes. Got the BB squeak finally figured out. It was the derailleur hanger! Was super quiet and set perfect for the log piles I never miss. 56 minutes of fast slightly damp no loose dirt. I'll take it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick loop at Tree Farm.

Had a nice ride at Tree Farm 80° no humidity and beat about 15 minutes off my best time. Ranking on is 99 out of 218 average speed 9.5 mph. 56 minutes is fastest time yet. Thank you 29er. Riding lower tire pressure really helping with turning grip and washout. Still loving bike.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

KP goes off before I get there!

Forecast Saturday perfect sun 70 degrees NW winds and gale warnings! But I won't get there on water until 2. Oh well atleast got in 2 straight hours fully powered on the 5.4 Atlas with some pretty nice swell. Raced up and down some 10-15' swells when they popped up but mostly was small 3-5' waves. Great session and got an hour of kiting in but still struggling on the upstrokes.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Boyne High fun fast DH runs

Boyne Hi DH and XC day. Got 2:15 in for 16.4 miles mostly on the orange run going faster every loop. Dry hot and sandy. Couple of crashes with the full gear on so no damage except for the right handle plug which is now destroyed. Almost 2900 ft of decent averaging 7.4 mph. Trail here is fun particularly the Spline of the North on orange. Love it.