Sunday, August 27, 2017

Holly for a quick 1/2 loop

Time limited but great speedy hour for almost 8 miles and out at Shelton road exit. 75 and no humidity yes feeling like cool gal riding already. Watch it unfold here -->

Monday, August 21, 2017

Poto is long ride and long drive to get there - still.

Woo, but great fattie ride with big drops and roots. Bluto glory. Sand float too. With the killers that I can't keep up with: JB and Dr Pete. 18 miles in 2 long hours. Big ride. Relive it here -->

Friday, August 11, 2017

Afternoon clears and we're lit on 14

Rain at noon and sun and 18-22 NW at 1:30!  Let's rig big and rip LTB. Duk'n up to the hospital almost a Bay a Harbor next stop. Breakwall fun again too amongst the power boats. 35 miles on water in great 2 sport day! 

Morning Highlander rocks the AM

Wet but still perfect for beating more rain. All the loops at full speed including riding up them! 12.7 miles of northern singletrack goodness. I wish this was marked all season long. Relive it below..

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Short but sweet with broken derailleur line

Nothing to look at folks quick ride until a log drop at Winter Sports park breaks cable line. Quick fix at high sierras sports and ready for tomorrow at Highlander.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bliss! Beach! Classic 9m day sun sand and the SW winds powering thru!

Tommy and Larry and Deb bring the winds! Didn't look good at all at 9am but by 11am at Bliss it was 18-22 SW and saying rig the 9m! Awesome drive worthy day in the sand dunes. Probably 40 miles of riding today if the gps had caught it all. Raced right off the bat to Sturgeon Shores beach for some wave fun but look out for those big rocks! Pulsing to 25 the 9 was spot on with the Duke. Great downie from there back and more in the last 2 sessions with only a big cloud closing it out by 6pm. Best Tuesday ever and perfect weather. Right place at right time so far -> 4/4 for trip plus Friday at MB is 5 days of kiting in a row. Feeling good riding this much.

Relive this! 3 sessions

Monday, August 7, 2017

Boom, 3/3 another day fully powered on LTB. Monday kicks off another week.

2pm hits and it's looking quickly like 12m but the clouds roll in and now it's I go get the 14m rigged it lifts to 20+ and it's on! Way on, blowing 20-25 by 3:30 with one super tack from Roaring Brook to the breakwall with another huge crowd of onlookers. Great power and never felt too overpowered on the new 14. Little swell and couple of waves made long run home fun. Love this place the the thermal after on goodness.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trip starts off right!

1/1 and perfection 12. Sun and 75 with 18-25 NW with whole bay to myself. Great day getting up late but still hitting the thermal afternoon. Love it.

Metro back at it

Friday got some solid 9mat MB. Back to be back on water. Short and sweet with 18 miles covered. Quick but fun before trip up north.

Sunday 2/2 NW thermals bless with 14m sesh!

Woo, small window but no way with 12. 14 rocks with exact same feel and more power. Great fun tacking up to breakwall before wind slacks and we race it back home. 18 miles of fun! Relive it here->