Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bliss! Beach! Classic 9m day sun sand and the SW winds powering thru!

Tommy and Larry and Deb bring the winds! Didn't look good at all at 9am but by 11am at Bliss it was 18-22 SW and saying rig the 9m! Awesome drive worthy day in the sand dunes. Probably 40 miles of riding today if the gps had caught it all. Raced right off the bat to Sturgeon Shores beach for some wave fun but look out for those big rocks! Pulsing to 25 the 9 was spot on with the Duke. Great downie from there back and more in the last 2 sessions with only a big cloud closing it out by 6pm. Best Tuesday ever and perfect weather. Right place at right time so far -> 4/4 for trip plus Friday at MB is 5 days of kiting in a row. Feeling good riding this much.

Relive this! 3 sessions