Saturday, October 27, 2018

LEX is great but only for a moment

Rigged a 9 with 18-20 ENE with Kieth out on a 12. 42 degrees with a clean 4-6 wave line up was heaven for 45 minutes...then a switch to NE and a drop to 10-15...lucky to get right in... I wish we saw the chance to go to Belle River. The chart there looks perfect for waves and the 9.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Cold Sunday with perfect Fall riding.

Fast and cold 13.6 mile loop at Island Lake with 44 degrees and about a dozen puddles. Not quite the leave coverage fully yet so it's not slippery. 4.8's at 10psi is a dream riding between speed and grip. Could have used a bit more sun but still happy to get out with all the recent day's rain.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Metro Friday cold 12m SW

Got 2.5 in on the 12 and Duke on a gusty SW. Most of the riding at the beach with shout out to Tommy for letting me fly his 18' 11m Pivot- my next kite. The 12 17' Pivot just doesn't feel right too much bar power and pull that feels unbalanced. Cold but no gloves and bone dry in the Boost!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

MB and its SW this time but still 9m!

Back to Metro with Sunny and 53 degrees and its the week on the wind blowing SW gusty 15-25. 9m and Duke was perfect call with holes and west elements bringing a not so steady day but still good otherwise. Lots of smiles and 12's for the most part.

Update below - its Millard's video from HI from last week...

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Got the cleats - off to Bloomer

Perfect fall ride and the right shoes this time! Bike in perfect 10psi shape like the trail. Sunny and 64 degrees. Feels good to be clipped in!

Wrong shoes at Pontiac - not stopping my ride no way

Forget the cleats so it's tennis shoes and let's do this. No really that bad. I could go back to platforms after doing this ride. I actually clocked in at 1:05 for the ride which is my average at Pontiac.

9m Glory at HI. Day to lay out the spray!

Sunny and 55 degrees for a great Thursday with 20-30 west winds. 2.5 hours on the Duke and closing hour on the Mako with the 9 op'd near the end. Needed a day like this after past2 weeks of no winds and it delivered bigly. Great beyond beef burger with the boys at the Schoolhouse wrapped up a winning day.