Sunday, October 30, 2016

Metro DP pays off for a warm Saturday.

Rigging in the dark at 7:30 - 30 minutes before sunrise pays benefits like second on water behind Tom with zero white caps but tons of lofty southern air. 15-20 SSW was best guess but a lot of air bubbling up top. Fun morning for first hour or two off point with some clean swell and fun heelside hacks. Duck hunters made it interesting but even more was trying to help John get his kite up and then dropping mine. Add on Keith and for 10 minutes there it looked bad that anyone could get their kite up! Luckily I got a break and then JB did. Drysuit took on more water so going to have to find out how I can get that into repair. Winds starting to go really west on second session by 11am but with sun out made for nice day end by noon. Almost 3.5 time of water after last Saturday's KP fun and I'll take it. Saturday sun and warm south flow- let's keep it going.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

KP delivers big NW and DP

What a great drive for NW 20-35 at KP and I'm the first one there for a double rainbow. 4.2m WS to start and it bump and jump and big swell. 2 good hours and it's time for the 7m Pivot. I'm out of WS shape! Really fun wave action with 1-6ft curling no waves. 7m is perfection and next 3.5 hours staying directly in the impact zone. So easy kiting and floating over what I was plowing into on the WS board. Suns out after 1pm and last few hours on kiting is epic. Great day worthy of the drive and classy end to a big day.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Killer AM Blow and Dawn Patrol at MB

Tuesday 60 degrees at 7am and started in dark with weak gradient and SSW 10-15 with all the wind up top. But the 12m and Mako worked good for an hour or so with a beautiful sunrise right off the water at the point as it picked up. Time to quickly run into shore when I realized the left bridle line was wrapped into itself (note to self don't rush out so quick without checking everything). Great timing because it just kicked in at 9 and I'm first one to move to the 9m and the Duke. Perfect timing as it quickly full on 30's and the 9m with no depower is right on. Waves building and great sets right off point with no one lease venturing that far out. Ridiculous fun jibing and hacking waves in the sun and 70 degrees for the next 2.5 hours before finding and dragging Dave Z. in from losing his kite. All over by noon when I came in - knees and legs fried from the workout. Great morning on water before work. Need more of these fun fall (work)days like this one.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Highland Powers Activate

Woo. Sun and 61 degree damp perfection of singletrack. Fast and Fun but still so much work. Great ride with Zach for 14.8 mile in just over 2 hours. Beer me x4.

Monday, October 10, 2016

HI Disappoints on cold sunny Saturday

Totally set up to be an excellent day: cold and pure sunny and on a Saturday with NW winds forecasted 18-22. But it never filled in and was a gutless WNW blowing 10-20 with holes to nothing. All day waiting with a beautiful day but I was lucky enough to get an hour or so powered in the gusts. Not a lot you could do with it but wait... until more falls winds kick in.

Sunday morning Glory

Great 49 degree am Fat-Ti ride at Bloomer. Sun and dry except all the morning dew. Couldn't have been better with 2 runs down the ravine and 2 tries. 11.4 miles in 1:15.