Sunday, October 30, 2016

Metro DP pays off for a warm Saturday.

Rigging in the dark at 7:30 - 30 minutes before sunrise pays benefits like second on water behind Tom with zero white caps but tons of lofty southern air. 15-20 SSW was best guess but a lot of air bubbling up top. Fun morning for first hour or two off point with some clean swell and fun heelside hacks. Duck hunters made it interesting but even more was trying to help John get his kite up and then dropping mine. Add on Keith and for 10 minutes there it looked bad that anyone could get their kite up! Luckily I got a break and then JB did. Drysuit took on more water so going to have to find out how I can get that into repair. Winds starting to go really west on second session by 11am but with sun out made for nice day end by noon. Almost 3.5 time of water after last Saturday's KP fun and I'll take it. Saturday sun and warm south flow- let's keep it going.