Monday, November 21, 2016

HI OP'D on the 9 cold west Blizzard

Woo, 9am and 43 degrees with a 9 in WSW to start 20-25 with very flat water. Keith out early and Mark and I right behind. Starting it on Duke first working well and swell building by noon it's 30 and 9 fully depowered. JB and Craig join fun by 10:30 and everyone is lit on 9's. Cold and to the Mako for round 2 before 1pm. Great carving and getting covered in my own heelside spray. Winds now 35 and really should be on 7. Legs toasted at this point from trenching the edges. Couple peaks of sun heading east is blinding in the mirror of the swell. Nice curling sets everywhere too. Pablo joins on his 8m and is spinning and crashing occasionally trying gusty moves in big gusts. By 3pm I'm spent and coming in - really big gusts and winds still building. Killer day over 5 hours well worth the drive and skipping MB. Best news is new Boost is bone dry and toasty all day.

Monday, November 14, 2016

More Metro Thursday Pro Photo Extras!

Metro Thursday Pro Photo Extras!

Boom it's SW and Breakwall glass at Caseville

Nice day with SSW 15-35 and pure sun with 55 degrees. Perfect Duke and 9m to start right along breakwall. Carving on glass with little swell but lots of good heelside throwing water buckets. Got some great jumps on the Mako too just never pulled fully on the bar as I thought I might go to the moon! Epic fun with 5 hours on water slashing and spraying. Worthy of the drive. Just need more west in it time.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wow 9m slashing into the sunset

12m rigged at ready at 3pm Thursday and it picks up from 15-20WSW to 20-25SW and Craig pulls out 9. So I do too. Good move with Duke and mostly zero depower next 3 hours into sundown. Great time racing heelside throwing buckets going along shorebreak. Really fun in front of beach and out at shoal point where waves were 2-3' with occasionally 4-5'. Perfection of orange sunset and clear skies. Wetsuit fine with 6mm booties. Who needs a drysuit when you powered and trenching? Need this again soon.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Poto after 3 years and it's perfect.

18 miles of fall perfection in MI MTB. Sunny full fall colors and 56 degrees. JB calling the loop today at Poto. Great flow and dropping stairs throughout ride. Now if we can just the hikers off the final 2 miles... gotta go back here..soon. 3 years away too long!