Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Metro is lofty fun on a sunny late November Tuesday - 9m!

Great day, sun and 64 degrees from 1-5pm almost 4 hours of solid lofty 9m. Love these days late in season with a powered 9.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Bloomer Island Lake Weekend Fall Fat-Ti Goodness

All good except for the 100 rounds of AR-15 firehose that scared the hell out of me Sunday at ILRA. Very Las Vegas feel to whoever massacred deer out there. Thought I would get hit be all the bullet spray - no wonder I rode so fast! Bring on winter - love riding in the 40 degree temps. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Snow Kiting on water at Hi.

Solid 9 day at 38 degrees. Tom and Mark joined in on the cold fun with a 3 hour Sunday midday session with west to nw winds 20-35+. Got over 2 hours in on the Duke and final session on the Mako. Great fun and solid cold winds to almost gale at times. 7mm gloves and boots and super dry boost made this cold day easy!

Chris Lyons kitesurfed with Tom Janicki

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rain and Pontiac is still dry... gotta ride.

Another day where the ride was going to happen even with the rain and temps below 40. All dry inside!


Friday, November 10, 2017

Back to HI - another 7M gale this time with some snow!

Great day for what may be the last date(s) on the water before its full on winter. Back to HI! Another cold one in the 40's but trying to new $40 GoPro knockoff with some HD video. Dark sky and winds WSW 20-35 to start the session and its actually perfect on the 7m and the Duke. Great swell building and by 5pm its a full gale with 40+ winds and more full West winds. Now its snowing and sleeting too. In for a break and its so windy my Carbon Houting gets picked up off the brass and thrown into the road! Cosmetic damage and so sanding but stupid I will always keep that board near the car when not riding... Winds drop from nuclear and snow ends so back out for another and not to be outdone by last week the horizon opens for hues of blue/red/yellow and the sun doing and color dance as it disappears and darkness falls. In just before 6 and pitch dark 10 minutes later. Great afternoon and another worthy drive home. Video highlights some trench spraying.