Monday, November 12, 2018

SPI Day 4 it’s on before we fly out it’s 9m!

Flight out in 5 hours with rain and 63 degrees and gales coming later today - lets sail. 9m for me and 12 for JB but it's solid and and steady NNW again 18/22. Huge jumps and loads of deep carving with the 9 and it's well worth getting all wet again one last time. Killer trip = steady winds and flat water. Love this place. Back again soon.

SPI Day 3 and it’s 11 Pivot time!

Break open the new kite. it's time to try 11 m in north northwest winds 15 to 20+. Great day on the water from 11 AM till just sneaking in at the last possible minute at 4:15 making a long downhill run from the North Park. Great day love the kite and love the jumping. A little bit warmer today in the 70s but still a great day of carving and slashing in the slicks the water was as flat as ever! Dinner at Parrot Eyes was a great wrap up for the day.

SPI Day 2 More NW and it’s 8m Nexus time!

It's on again 20-35 same but steady NW and jumps and carving galore. 8 Core Nexus is even better than small XR for stable big jumps and parking the kite to fly. 6 hours on the water almost and nothing but steady winds. Lots of smiles and dinner with Shawn at Tom and Jerry's! Nothings no wet of the kites we brought yet!! Slicks crazy riding inside condo maze.

SPI Day 1

Friday flight in and just made it to SPI South Park flats with Shawn from Core to get hooked up on a 6m XR! Perfect NNW 30-45+ to start trip ripping turns and holding everything down. Warm water and small crowd. Almost 2 hours of big but gusty wind.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Metro goes 5m on a big cold SW

Boom it's noon and blowing SW 18-40+. Got some solid time in on the 5 Slash with gusts over 40+ feeling like nothing with zero bar pressure. Only problem with that is when it lulls there's literally no bar pressure. Anyway rain cloudy and from the beach started on the 7 and Duke. Waves were messy but had their moments with a couple curling 6 footers to bash heelside turns on. Anyway 3 solid hours to beat sunset and dream of the SPI forecast this weekend (below).

Monday, November 5, 2018

Ok its ESE let’s do Lexington on a 9m!

Sunday and it's likely not great at Metro with this direction and it's building at LEX. Thanks for Tommy and Justin getting up there and reporting solid building winds. 18-25 from 1-5pm was powered 9 with a good but mostly confused swell. Good fun playing inside harbor and nice big clean wave setup on the north side of harbor. Wish I was on the Duke but the winds were too onshore and big. Mako worked well and beers to follow with Craig... 50 degrees was all dry today too. Bring on more of this direction.