Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KP delivers big waves and winds in July!!

Ok Lex had a little too much offshore in it so KP was the call on Monday. 5.4 then 4.7 then 4.2 very quickly as the norwest kicked in 25k-30++. Nice outside monster waves to 10+' were all good even with choppy faces and lots of bump and jump. Windsurfers outnumbering kiters easy until 2pm then it was surrender to lots of traffic. All in all a great day not quite a classic but standout so far this season.

Millard's great highlights:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adda and Bald Mtn. Easy and Fast

10.4 combined in a quick hour. Dry and fast personal records for both. More speed equals fun courtesy of the 29. Love it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harsens rocking the cool west jet stream.

Great day yesterday at Harsens Island riding some west winds that were 15 to 30+. About 25 people out enjoying a great day of sun and 70° temperatures. Got about two hours in on the strapless surfboard in five finger shoes with the 12 perfectly powered up most of the time. The shoes worked almost too well sticking to the deck so well it's hard to slide your feet to change positions. Only downer was 3pm nuclear blast of west wind (squall to 30++) after lulling when only Rick and I were out.... I got in in time but Rick (on new 14) didn't and got ride to hospital instead for his ankle and leg. I then got tricked following MB out during squall on 4.7 but the wind dropped off after my first run out. Last 2 hours on the Mako and the 12 carving and playing. Great day and hoping for quick recovery for Rick!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Addy Twice Around on the Gas.

No helmet or glasses but that didn't stop the 2 very fast 6.5 mile loops. KOM here is doing it in 25 minutes, my best 34... I know where that time is lost... Great dry 80 degree sun ride with no one on trail. Love this ride.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Metro Blast at Sundown

Latest sesh in a long time. Didn't get on the water until over 5:30 PM, rigged up the 4.2 and the small board and headed out with the west slightly northwest wind. Epic steep 3-5' waves and dark windy water gusts 20 to 30++ nicely powered up. Great jumps and wave slashing. Well worth a late night on the water. Thank you jet stream for kicking it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Great 5th of July at Caseville

Great sunny 80 degrees and solid 15-20 SSW kiting off the breakwall with the Fox on Saturday. 12m perfection with glassy super shallow beach along the breakwall. Up for visit and tour of Thumbs Up Kiteboarding and epic beach day. Followed by Thumb Brewery dinner which still lacks a lot as restaurant. Long drive not withstanding this is a great kiting spot with lots of wave potential when the winds pick up. I'll be back for sure when it's going west in the Sag Bay.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tuesday makes it Day 3 at Metro

Wow what a great day out of metro or third day in a row. When started out a little lite for the 12 m kites at 2pm 10-15 as forecast.....then picked up steadily by 5 PM it was 25+ SSW. Sunny, 80 degrees and about 40 sailors out with most windsurfers lit up on 5.5's. Craig ripping overpowered until almost 8pm making the 12 look like a 9m! Too windy for the strapless board but some great carves on the Carbon Mako. Everything moves a lot quicker in the turns and wow is the power there when you come out too fast! Classic thermal day too, basically this was only sailing spot on LSC to go off!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Torn Shirt Murray Feel the Heat

Sweatfest again Saturday. Long 15 miles in 2 hours with a very fast Strava for Torn Shirt section. JB and DB jr. Pressing the whole way. Good fun but with Found Loop really lonnngggg....

Metro Second Day see more action.

Ok now, right back to Metro again sun and SSW at 10-20+. This time more than powered on the Turbine 17. Tried the 12 at 3pm initially but just not enough. Then solid from 4 until 8pm sunset. John killing it with the backspin rolls and last man off the water.

Great day when there's no way you could make any WS happen. Big kite key to on demand power and fun.