Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harsens rocking the cool west jet stream.

Great day yesterday at Harsens Island riding some west winds that were 15 to 30+. About 25 people out enjoying a great day of sun and 70° temperatures. Got about two hours in on the strapless surfboard in five finger shoes with the 12 perfectly powered up most of the time. The shoes worked almost too well sticking to the deck so well it's hard to slide your feet to change positions. Only downer was 3pm nuclear blast of west wind (squall to 30++) after lulling when only Rick and I were out.... I got in in time but Rick (on new 14) didn't and got ride to hospital instead for his ankle and leg. I then got tricked following MB out during squall on 4.7 but the wind dropped off after my first run out. Last 2 hours on the Mako and the 12 carving and playing. Great day and hoping for quick recovery for Rick!