Monday, April 26, 2021

Birthday Weekend - We Ride.

Saturday 45 degrees - felt warmer. Dry and fun. Tough long one at Highland at 54 with JB. Feeling it later but psyched to sail tomorrow. 

Sunday up and on water before 9am but 9m was omen it wasn’t to last long. 20+ NW after an hour and half was down to 13-15 and the 11m didn’t cut it. So forecast of cold 30’s with overcast winds to 20-25 was actually Sunny upper forties and teen winds. The crushing defeat was no foiling gear since the forecast looked so good?! Always everything when you sail - especially the foiling gear it’s more important than the bigger kites! 

John J at 830am - short lived.....

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Hatty 2021-6 Friday Last Day Glory AM and PM

Friday 735 am and NE 20++ at the Washout! But 9m underpowered most of time but sunny and shallow flat water!!

3pm and Boom no wind forecast goes 15-18+. And it’s foil time on the 9 A-Roam!! Mostly WSW but sunny and pulsing into 20’s as I suckered in during lull and it turns on even more after 6 until 8. Anyway enough with 3 hours plus in the day. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Hatty 2021-5 Thursday Shines Through 11m!

Somehow AM winds went until 4pm. Sunny and cool and all the boards out including 2 foiling sessions. Tried the LF galaxy with tiny foil that I barely could fly. Sold me even more on my Impulse (c-9) setup! Long good day. No wind yesterday so we’re 6 for 7. Watermaen’s Tuna Bites again!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hatty 2021-4 Big Tuesday Salvo to Avon Downy

Sun out! 10am N20-30 easy 9m and call is Downwinder from Salvo to the house. 20 miles by car and 40 by water. Wild ride as 80% of coast is nothing but trees and slicks - no houses until Avon. Waves outside and butter inside the protected marshes. Went into Planet of the Apes but no clue as to the maze pattern. 200+ jibes later it was Avon and we knew we made it. Toughest part is beginning where if you have a problem the road is 1/2 mile or more away through thick foliage. Luckily no injuries or eqpt. problems. I but nearly had a knee ankle turner or a shoal got to watch the super shallow stuff. Evening sesh at house walking up to point with Keith still NNE 15-25 but you had to go way out. Fun on the Jester but it was closer for the day. Chili dinner!

Hatty 2021-3 Monday Foiling saves the Day

Water start into jibes is now the protocol for those of us who can’t foil with right leg forward. Worked perfectly today and winds were N 10-15 to start. Sunny and warm with the 9m A-Roam working so well. Was going to 15-20 and starting to get overpowered when out of nowhere it went NE and dropped. Still great fun and loving the foil kite every day more and more. Watermens Tuna Dinner. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Hatty 2021-2 Mercy Sunday SW Builds All Day / 4 board

Sunday epic build West to SW 15-20 to 20-30 Sunset. Sun and 75 degrees. Everything in the quiver used! And the repaired 9m ARoam holds solid and is a dream to foil with. 
Highlight was 3 tacks down to Buxton Slicks awesome on a West and lots of islands to play around by noon it was dropping so one tack back in 10 minutes. Classic Day and sailing until 8pm with epic pink and purple sunset. Wish I had a picture of that.  

Hatty 2021-1 Saturday Great start to week!!

Looked light at 10am with arrival at Real but call from Tom at 2 said it’s capping and 11!  Good jour on foil with it moved 1” forward was the game changer. 20-30 perfect jibes and the one launch with a bottom hit on on a shallow sand bar. 

1:30 break the by 6pm solid 15-20 evening sesh on 11 and the Duke. Warm water and winds and great start to week. 

And yes 9m pinched and blew up on beach. Surgery with Doug and hoping we’re bacon business tomorrow. 

Mid Week at the Bends before Hatty

Late Tuesday evening ride fast and mostly dry. Hot and humid!!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Nice Day at the Farm riding the Trees

Saturday long afternoon capped off by quick rising temps and 99% dry Novi. Still managed to hit the only 3 mud slicks on the trail. Sun and 56 degrees. Great spring riding. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021