Monday, July 25, 2022

Stony Sunday looping dry mostly after big rain

CV totally payoff for long drive.

Saturday and forecast is light. 10am on the road. Boom, it’s sunny and 85 and too strong to foil on the 6.2 Cloud after 40 minutes of screaming test runs on the new Phantasm 633. On to the 9m and Duke for next 2 hours. Solid day and TB dinner. Home by 11pm! 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Solid building Wednesday at MB - timed the day Perfect

9m to 7m to rain to sun and 7m but I went out on 9m again! Great mid week ride. 84 and sun / warm / water. Yes. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Monday Metro goes off and it’s 9m Op’d !

A great day I just got getting better. I arrived after 430 and was just hoping to demo my jet Foil. Winds were 10 to 18 out of the south and I got in about 45 minutes of 6.2 cloud foiling. Then all of a sudden by 530 it was game on as winds rose to 20 to 35 SW. I came in and mistakenly rigged my nine when I knew I should’ve rigged the seven. Anyway the next 2 1/2 hours were over powered on the Jester and loving the sun and water almost all to myself since everybody left at 5o’clock before the wind blew. A gift Monday on foil and surfboard. 

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday MTB at SC - swimming after!

Weekend wrap up got some perfect biking in and hit the water. 

Saturday Lex Delivers a classic north day!

Early 20’s forecast completely falls off the charts in the morning so my late session at BCSP was spot on. But there is I like wind late at Lex. Noon at GLK for the Naish Jet  1250 demo and  2:30pm on water. The foil is awesome huge front 1250 and rear 320 wings completely eliminate the front and back porch and bucking - even past breakwall in messy huge waves - with 75 short mast!!! Yes, Selling my entire foil package. If I had had this setup I could have learned to foil in half the time. After 45 minutes of foiling went for the next 2.5 on the surfboards. Epic day and Larry Boosterofers 60th. It delivered sun warm wind and waves. 

Friday Worthy Drive to PintoLin Downy Slicks everywhere

20 kiters looked amazing. NE 18-20+ and the Mako and 9m. Perfect Sun and wind at the end. Sketchy Linwood exit but better slick riding than ONX I dare to say. Wow I hope someone got video of it….

Then… it’s 630 and building winds and sun so… no one wants to go to Bay city state park but me. So on the water they just after 7 for another 1:40 in the waves and 9m and Jester. My best session there ever. Powered in 3-6 ft. Wave zone on shore-came in just before 9pm. Double day fun. 80 degrees and scorching wind and sun. TT and surfboard heaven. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Friday, July 1, 2022

Tawas Magic day off worthy of 2:30 with Keith!

15-25 SW Sunny and 80, clear clean water, long Classic waves and knee deep Sandy bottom water. It’s Tawas. Love this spot. A definite upgrade over CV. Lots of fun and Blake Olsen show in tow. Nice guy and incredible kiter for sure. Almost 5 hours on water after 6+ weeks!!! Jester and A-Roam rocked.