Saturday, May 31, 2014

Highland all the way

JB and I, first post-Moab 2:02 for ABCD killer. As hard as ever. Toughest singletrack in MI. Never stopping turns and hills. Few downhills but they're good and fast. How did I do this on a 26? Perfect 76 and sun - loads of fun. Alleve please.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Capt. Ahab Amasa Back 1 and Done

Day 4. Rain all morning followed by drying and sun. Up Kane Creek road to double diamond ride. Truly all that with the toughest climb yet to nearly 5000 vertical. Crazy locals love this but I think they're crazy. No flow and little payoff for what was mostly a hike. Check it off the list as a one time ride (climb). Base climbing at ride completion was fun to watch as well. Done no injuries or bike damage. Thank you Moab - again.

The 3/4 Enchilada

Day 3 and night rain knocks out the top 6 miles of the Whole Enchilada mainly Burro Pass and Hazard County. Great ride none the less with crank arm scare to start it out. About 5 hours to go 22 miles. Thankfully almost all downhill followed by 4 mile ride back to town. Done this twice now and it's only getting better. True all mountain bomber classic ride.

Slickrock way more than expected.

Day 2. World famous Slickrock. More uphill and technical than reported to be. Fun but exhausting. Over 3 hours to go 10+ miles. No easy way up or down and adding the practice lap doesn't help. That 1.5 miles adds 20 minutes itself. Little rain and some sun. Check this one off the list.

A Basin Memorial Weekend Trip Day 1

Day 1 Thursday. Got 1/2 Snowboard Day of Snow/Rain/Thunder/Bluebird at AB. Not bad for late May. Very wet and sticky but still lots of fun. Off to Utah!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tree Farm PreMoab Ride

One more before heading off to Moab. Sun and 70 for 11.1 miles in 1:08. Nice and dry with fairly clean trail except a couple of soft corners. Great place for quick trip and lots of variety. 5 days until Utah. Woo.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I Suck and Highland Wins Again

Perfect sunny day, 84 degrees and dry fast trail conditions. Great early ride first 7 miles into C and the gas tank went dead dry... Total exhaustion hit, could barely pedal, overheated, muscular failure. No reason either than getting over a pretty bad cold and I was pretty hot internally. Almost another hour to go 4 more miles: C-B-A. No way I could ever think about D. Killed me Highland with your never ending turns and slow 5.8 mph pace. Check out the Stava points-all points I had to stop and break. 1:52 to go 11 miles total. This place kills. Highland you win. No wonder no one is ever here.