Friday, July 31, 2015

Harsens Perfect Day 80/Sun/12m/Duke

It took until 3:30 but winds kicked in 15-25 W and we had a great afternoon. Smiles and nicely powered even with a 6pm lull that kicked back hard the final hour. Never a cloud in sky.

4 hours testing, getting in gear and riding. Duke board was awesome in heavy chop and bumps. Easy feet switching. Super fast toeside riding compared to flat bottom boards. Easy on the legs, drives upwind and so much slashing potential. Does it all. Happy with this upgrade.

Off water by 8 then great Schoolhouse Dinner with TJ and the SFox. Home at 11:15pm! Long day, we need more of.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot Dry Fast Addy Saturday Mornin'.

Blazing on 29er making it like butter. 13.8 in 1:18 for two quick loops. Sun and 75 and perfect dry singletrack. Imagining winter on the Fattie here in 6 months....

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bloomer Hot Sunday Eve

All FatBoy tonite for a quick loop at Bloomer. Love these big tires going uphill. Downhill not so much with full tire pressure and no Bluto...yet...

Mako Duke is future Metro barely works.

Well an hour out on the new hull was just enough to see the future strapless heaven. Duke! 12-18 S was barely enough and the weeds made it tough but what an upwind carving machine. Love it. Weeds hate it!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sun and Wind in July at Lex!

Great fun day. Excellent NNE 18-25 winds and mostly clean 3-6 swell was worth the drive and the full on the Huron coast. Morning on 4.7m mostly good but underpowered with exceptionally clean curling swell. Jumps and rides with about 6 guys out when I got on water at 8am. Up next a downwinder from Pt. Sanilac with Tom Craig and I. After getting through the breakwall bounce it was an awesome 2 hours of 12m sun and coast waves. So great coming so close to shore on my first kite Sanilac downy. Truly get time to figure out things in carving waves and keeping the kite drifting - especially toeside! Probably made 200+ kite jibes on ride mostly on swell or waves. Nothing better. Legs were shot by the time we got in. Lunch and then back out for more kiting and winds picking up by 2pm.... So after an hour went out op'd on a 5.4 for another hour of WS. By all accounts a big long perfect steady wind day (charts show it!) . Back up to Uri's at PSM for fun dinner with the crew. What makes this so special is how rare a full day like this happens! So cool Larry, Deb and Dan Houting joined us too. Let's do this again.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday Long Ride at Holly

Sun and 74 degrees. Perfection on a fast dry singletrack. Fastest ever 1:45 for Grubers and total18.4 miles in 2:18. 1000 calories on the Apple watch workout app. Grubers then West loop and fun on the Tech loop. Super exhaustion follows with Alleve and beer me at Jolly Pumpkin in A2!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Torn Shirt Murray Lake Friday Fun

19.84 mile in 2 hours. Long great ride including Green loop goodness. 29 loving the pillow ride and given the root and drops here probably smart not to ride stiff fattie. Coming back here soon!!!