Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sat. Oct. 31, Hallowind at Metro Delivers Big

Great Saturday of sailing at Metro Beach with solid 4M winds 20-40 SSW / WSW all day starting at 8am for dawn patrol with Jeff B. Everyone had fun and I got to break another boom-damn! Probably shouldn't have rigged a 5M sail - it was too much when it kicked in at 1pm - it was blowing 40 at times (MB sailed a 3.2M). Check out the highlights below...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, Oct. 24, Metro was cold, flat and pretty darn solid


CAN Bouy

I had a great time making a 6.2 Alpha and the 107 FSW work in SSW winds going from 10 to 25 all day. The water looked flat but the winds were solid even though not consistently blowing. Had a great time throwing everything (even a couple of Duck Monkey Jibes) I could in case the 2009 season ends tomorrow. The final session on the water was about 2.5 hours and I'm paying for it now in regular Alleve dosing. I hope we get in 2-3 more fall days here as DST is next weekend-boo!

Tunes: Jonah33 - The Strangest Day

Eats: Tim Hortons!

Friday Aug. 23, a Quick Sesh from the East

Well I got a little bit of the tail end of these strong east winds that really blew through earlier in the day 30-40++. Got in about 1.5 hours in on the 5M search in pretty solid and steady 20-25 winds. Oh yeah, it was raining about 90% of the time on the water and it was about 50 degrees - great sport! More on tap for tomorrow though.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Oct. 18 Tree Farm and the sun!

A quick one hour ride at Lakeshore Park for 12 miles on a dry, hard,
fun trail. Loads of other riders out enjoying the sun and crisp 50
degree temps. Great fall ride while the leaves are still mostly on the

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, Oct. 7, off to Blue Lagoon

Storm winds brought a due west gusty day to the Blue Lagoon - winds starting at 8am winds 25-40 solid 4.5 conditions where Jeff B and I had a great start to an alright day. Unfortunately the day was predicted to slip in wind speeds and shift more to the NW. Well the winds shifted lower after noon but they maintained the west direction - very tough direction. Well the day was worth it - got a couple of duck monkey jibes wired.

Gear: JP 85 FSW and 4.5 Search - later 107 FSW and the 5.o Search

There for it: Silver Fox, MB, TJ, Brent, Mike G., Jeff, Dean, Walt