Monday, August 31, 2015

Reigning bike in the wet mud and sand.

FatBoy in a little rain. Great 15 miles on the 4.6 tires. Love the grip and traction. Going back and forth from Stumpy to the FB is a ton of fun. Rain and wet would not stop the big tires. Can't wait for Fall and winter riding this beast.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More highlights. Good stuff here. Great day.

Harsens pix from yesterday.

Harsens - again builds big as the direction goes west

Another fun day worthy of the drive to Harsens Island. Got started on a 12 m and the Mako Duke do when it seemed like it was just enough to get out blowing SW 12-18. I borrowed doug's 13.5M liquid force envy kite which I would've enjoyed more had it been set up with the lines on the same setting (one side was set for light when the other for heavy so they weren't the same length and the kite pulled the left). Moving on as of 4 PM approached the wind picked up and started going WSW 18 to 22 which was perfect for the Duke in the 12M Ride. Lots of fun doing downwinders right along the point and into the pocket below on super smooth water. Finally a nice well-built is the temperature started to drop towards 70 and it got colder. Beer and smiles for the regulars who happy they came. Love this place. Clear water and when it's got any west - a great spot to kite!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Holly rocks. Dry and fast!

Great mid day Holly Ride with JB!!! 2:34 with East West and Tech.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Harsens works SW to West Nuken and Duken

Had an epic Harsens kite day - overpowered 12 from 1-4pm - really no pix but it blew mostly 30++ and over 40 by late afternoon and Tom stayed on his 11m! while Fox and I were 9m mostly fully depowered from 5-7pm. Choppy then a great 2-3 swell of waves on the inside with the west direction kicking in. I LOVE the Duke - I was only one on surfboard and never missed TT even with chop, waves and huge winds. So smooth. The cable park session paid huge dividends I think with all the foot work and carving. Kitesurfing the Duke is some much like snowboarding carving - I don't see any need to ride the twin tip if this keeps up... Or WS!?

Dinner at Schoolhouse was worth wait too! Scallops and Mahi. Another great Island day!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Metro all over the place sun/mist/drop/nuke

Well what can you say - you'll take what you can get. An OK day at Metro where Brian was out demoing gear got to ride the Wainman big Mama 14.5 and the lightwave DV8 G2 surfboard. Loved the surfboard with a convex top - wide, very thin and tons of room on deck to walk around and try differing feet placements. Big Mama was fun too - shows potential for 15M kite as a perfect big kite but still sailable when it lights up. Next to try 17M OR Flite which JB sailed well on. Winds were south to Southeast from 10 to 30 from 1 PM to 8 PM with a big blow coming through late in the evening. Best news is more SSW with SCA on tap for today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Evening hot Bloomer ride.

29 heaven but little dusty 12.8 in 1:16. Bloomer is money in weeknights.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Almost forgot WakeFire Day!

Saturday 11-2pm I'm the only person Duke'n the trenches here. Great training day learning the back foot carving goofy. Great when there's no wind. Glass water on Duke is sick!!

Sunday Hot and sandy Boyne Hi.

A little of everything. Ride up, DH down and the Orange Loop with a flowy finish with Dave and Mike Barrett. All good except for the sand. Dropper seat post all the way down for the DH bombing which was a godsend. Fun Sunday afternoon but the chair here still super slow!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

3/3 as cool sun and NW thermals fire

3 great very similar days all giving way to some great Duke Kiting. First day at PSP with about 6 other kiters. 15-20 NW, sun and mostly powered for about 2 hours. Just never kicked into high gear but still some beach swell to play in. But Tuesday and Wednesday launching from Tannery was spot on. 18-22 NW and beautiful classic capping thermals starting at 1pm. Both days ripping upwind to Bayview and later the Petoskey marina and hamburger beach. Downwinders followed for some epic strapless fun. Love the Duke. Does it all and so easy on the legs. 4 hours sessions on the windsurfer - no way.

Holly All of It!

Almost forgot last Saturday's epic long ride in 2:40 for 20 miles. The 'Holly Whole Enchilada' from this day forward. East, West, Tech and North loops. Great ride with a lot of flow. Add 70 and sun and pancakes for breakfast for perfect ride day.