Saturday, August 22, 2015

Harsens works SW to West Nuken and Duken

Had an epic Harsens kite day - overpowered 12 from 1-4pm - really no pix but it blew mostly 30++ and over 40 by late afternoon and Tom stayed on his 11m! while Fox and I were 9m mostly fully depowered from 5-7pm. Choppy then a great 2-3 swell of waves on the inside with the west direction kicking in. I LOVE the Duke - I was only one on surfboard and never missed TT even with chop, waves and huge winds. So smooth. The cable park session paid huge dividends I think with all the foot work and carving. Kitesurfing the Duke is some much like snowboarding carving - I don't see any need to ride the twin tip if this keeps up... Or WS!?

Dinner at Schoolhouse was worth wait too! Scallops and Mahi. Another great Island day!