Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Harsens - again builds big as the direction goes west

Another fun day worthy of the drive to Harsens Island. Got started on a 12 m and the Mako Duke do when it seemed like it was just enough to get out blowing SW 12-18. I borrowed doug's 13.5M liquid force envy kite which I would've enjoyed more had it been set up with the lines on the same setting (one side was set for light when the other for heavy so they weren't the same length and the kite pulled the left). Moving on as of 4 PM approached the wind picked up and started going WSW 18 to 22 which was perfect for the Duke in the 12M Ride. Lots of fun doing downwinders right along the point and into the pocket below on super smooth water. Finally a nice well-built is the temperature started to drop towards 70 and it got colder. Beer and smiles for the regulars who happy they came. Love this place. Clear water and when it's got any west - a great spot to kite!