Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tree Farm dusty and cool Eve ride

Always tight in the trees here but fun cool eve 1.5 loop. 15.4 miles in almost an 1:40. Only issue was rear derailleur bend and shifter repair that I'll be doing later today!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Solid Saturday at HI!

HI (Harsens Is. - not Hawaii, I wish) rocked with northwest winds 25-30+ all day Saturday afternoon. Perfect conditions for 9m matched with some great 2 to 3 foot rolling swell right against the coastline we sail along. Sun came out 70° and about 20 kiters ripping it up. Every time I fell in the water (which was aIot!) There was nothing but waste high clear clean water with soft sandy bottom. This is the best place to kite! - much better than any other spot on Lake St. Clair. Lots of slashing and carving on the Mako Duke.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bloomer Tuesday.

Cool Eve 12mile Bloomer ride with the Suns going down earlier everyday. Fat bike season can't be that far away...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lex! Great Saturday for Windsports.

8am parking lot at Lexington Marina dead calm flat water and rain. 9am winds 25-30+ and waves 3-6' and building. John and only ones out on 4.6's that start lite and quickly build to 4m. Great WS day for almost 4 hours with lots of clean spread swells and curling waves inside. Smiles galore as the sun peaks out after noon and at peak about 25 guys ripping on the water. Got 2 hours more in on the 9m Rebel and Duke to test the ability strapless in big surf. Did ok for the most part but need more work on drifting the kite. Couple huge waves I could do nothing but fall straight down the face and slack the kite. Tried 2 tacks but think I need the 12m and less gusty winds. Get the tacking down like the jibes and I'm out of the get switching so much while cruising. Shot a ton of video but that's because I left it running this time. Let's see if anything is worthy of post.... To be continued.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm not worthy. Highland ABC and no D.

Out of gas sweat fest with JB on Labor Day and it was labor of hills and humidity. Tank was empty quick here but started strong on the FatBoy. The stiff fork really takes it out on you as well. Sun and 85, dry and fun floating over the sand. However no way I could handle D today. Tough ride that was a killer. Bring on the cool temps!!!

Woo Tawas Magic is real... Really good.

What a spot. Tawas Point SP. Only took 20 years to sail here. Clean clear 2-4' water with sandy bottom. 15-20SW winds that felt like 10-15 but it worked well with afternoon thermals. 12m and Duke spot on with 1-3' swell on the point. Small curling waves everywhere here for winds in any direction. This place works. 20 kiters out at the height of day all loving it. Worthy of drive!!!