Monday, April 28, 2008

Metro Saturday April 26 = Wind and Sun :)

Getting the quiver ready...

The scene of the crime

Millard packing a 5M

4.5 Search working fine

Brent happy with the small kit

The gear is here...

4.6M Revo today for JAB

OBX vs. Metro? survey says...

The Hatteras boys made it back just in time to catch 15-30mph SW to West winds this Saturday at Metro beach. Overall a good day for Metro and little to complain about between 3-5pm when the winds were at their best. Injuries? just to those sails blown into parking lot during a couple of SW micro blasts. Can't beat a Saturday sailing 70 degrees, 20+ winds and some decent April. Water temp 50's.

Sailing team: Brent, JB. Millard, Chuck, Craig, Jason, Dean et al.

Gear: 105Xcite and 5.7 Expresh, JP 85 FSW with 5.7 & 5M / 4.5M Search's

Tunes: Ivoryline - There Came a Lion, Fighting Instinct

Eats: Timmy Hortons!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday April 21, Today We Ride!

Alright, yes its a windsurfing journal but might as well post the biking as its usually a week until the next blow. I got first MTB in at Lakeshore Park, Tree Farm in Novi, 10.56 miles in 1:09 - sunny and 70 degrees and no mud!!! Very dry with lots of new tress down - let's hope they build more log piles.

Music: Number One Gun-North Pole Project, Nevertheless-Live Like We're Alive.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Marysville Delivers! Wed. April 16, 2008

Riggin small...

Brent Armed with 4.5M

The Silver Fox

One armed bandit...

Forecaster Berry - living the Dream!

Rocking day at Marysville for the second of the 2008 session. Sunny, warm temps 60+ and winds 20-30 out of the south. Great river swell and waves, the boys were loving it. Forecaster Millard Berry nailing the winds spot on almost 5 days ago and continuing his win streak with Mother Nature. Only a few barges ruining the day at the end, but we were all whipped. Our reward: celebratory beers, Advil apres' and Bouy Junction dinner!

Attendees: Tom, Craig, Millard, Brent, Keith, Jon

Gear: JP 85 FSW, 4.5M Search mostly and 5M Search as needed...

Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Season Starts Wed. April 9!

Definite rust and sloppy sailing first sesh after 5 months of no sailing. Spent more time in the water trying refigure out how it is you duck jibe again exactly... Got about 2.5 hours in (almost got stuck at 5pm when wind dropped to 5 and went NW) with Brent at Metro. Sunny 60+ degrees and water about 40 degrees. For Craig, he could only watch - he was too beat up from his Monday at Marysville.

Winds mostly all west and 15-20 - powered nicely about 80% of time.

Gear: sailing JP 105 XC and 6.1 NP Exp.